Hollywood Ghosts & Gravesites

Hollywood Ghosts & Gravesites

Ever wonder if celebrity truly dies with the celebrity, if graves really can give up the dead, or if walls really do talk? Then join the hunt for star haunts and hauntings in and around the city of broken dreams - Hollywood, California. Find out the details of the odd pilgrimages and observances held at celebrity gravesites, the eerie accounts of strange studio haunts, the unusual tales of ghostly disturbances at the mansions of the stars, and the spooky sightings of apparitions on the Grey Ghost herself, the legendary luxury liner, the Queen Mary. With this program, you have a unique backstage pass to the studio lots, the crypts, the tombstones, the cemeteries, and the homes of some of Hollywood's most notable characters, ranging from Bugsy Seigel and Rudolph Valentino to Harry Houdini and Marilyn Monroe. So if your curiosity is sparked and your courage is up to par, then come along on a truly terrifying tour of Hollywood Ghosts and Gravesites.

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Hollywood Ghosts & Gravesites torrent reviews

Andres L (au) wrote: don't waste your time you will fall asleep.

Ia S (ca) wrote: Great movie about great story...with anti-war message...

Pavan R (jp) wrote: Mush and loads of it...good to run in the background when doing the housecleaning !

Phil H (fr) wrote: Well made Spanish end of days movie...

Asif H (jp) wrote: Had it`s moments but you can see the comic talent of Jimmy Fallon thus he went on to become a successful late night talk show host in the US

Todd W (au) wrote: We're not gonna protest!We're not gonna protest!Gutter is a tool!

Scott C (ag) wrote: I'd like to see this again one day. Really quirky characters.

Christopher J (it) wrote: An atypical western that Fulci pulls off amazingly. It's endearing, yet sorrowful and very much about struggle. Tomas Milian as the Charles Manson-esque character is freaking scary and Lynne Frederick is so sympathetic and vulnerable here. Fabio Testi's face is a little blank here and there, but it seems to be sort of in awe of the events he sees around him. He's stunned and his mind is just storing it away for traumatic future days to come in his life. A personal apocalypse for the four "outcasts of society" is really what the title refers to. Good stuff.

Laura D (br) wrote: A baby boomers wet dream!