Hollywood on Trial

Hollywood on Trial

The documentary analyzes a dark period in Hollywood's history due to the Red Scare of the 1940's and 1950's, when actors, writers and directors were persecuted and investigated by the House...

A detailed look at the events leading up to the blacklisting of Hollywood writers and artists. In October 1947 nineteen Hollywood personalities were subpoenaed by the House Committee on Un-American Activities to testify about their knowledge or possible involvement in the American Communist Party. The first ten to be called refused to cooperate, claiming their first amendment rights, were cited for contempt of Congress and sent to prison. They became known as the "Hollywood Ten" and this is their story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Dennis L (mx) wrote: The whole movie is laughable as hell.

Heidi E (mx) wrote: i liked it! hell alot better than that shitty Cloverfield movie! plus i like tripping the rift tv series, and in the movie, the charactors get to say what they can't on tv.

Phenyeia O (au) wrote: Really great movie to watch

Walker S (fr) wrote: Don't listen to other people sure this movie might be retarded it obvious why critics didn't like it but I personally love this movie for just how stupid and far fetched it is

Ken T (kr) wrote: Classic kick ass and take no prisoners, ask questions later if anybody is still alive kinda' movie."

Brad S (de) wrote: This is a great movie that I hadn't seen in ages, probably my favourite Oliver Stone film. It is also in my opinion, the best performance from James Woods. Highly recommended film, seek it out!

Shae S (gb) wrote: Some funny moments, but it's pretty forgettable.

Keenan S (gb) wrote: Magnificent Obsession is a romantic drama with a premise that would normally make me roll my eyes and it's also a premise that would never churn out a good film again. Still, it's hard not to love Magnificent Obsession since it is so well made and so well performed. I would go as far as to say that this film must have been the product of divine intervention that had all the right pieces come together and that we will never see anything this good from a premise so horrifically cheesy ever again. While it will never rank among my all-time favorite romance films, Magnificent Obsession is a great romantic drama that can actually make you believe in its cheesy premise thanks to the superb acting and steady direction from Douglas Sirk. While sometimes the melodrama becomes a bit too covered in syrup, the film thankfully mostly avoids that pitfall and is rather engaging with just the right amount of tear-jerking drama to its dramatic scenes. It's a wonderfully made and very enjoyable romantic drama that is worth seeing if you love a film of this type.

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