Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream

Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream

This film discusses the effect on how major American films in Hollywood were influenced by the Eastern European Jewish culture that most of the major movie moguls who controlled the studios shared. Through clips of various films, the filmmakers illustrate the dominant themes like that of the outsider, the outspoken American patriotism, and rooting for the underdog in society.

A Survey illustrating the profound effect of Eastern European Emigre culture has had on the basic content of Hollywood films . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream torrent reviews

MD S (br) wrote: While this movie speeds through some heavy material like government sponsored killing (of terrorists), the holocaust, and suicide, I thought it did an excellent job of capturing its characters, commenting on the perils of hanging on to and not being able to see beyond historic and personal tragedies, and showing how much people have in common even if they initially see only differences. Touching and amusing in parts.

Sarah T (us) wrote: If I can freakin' find/buy it as a region 1 dvd, then I sure as hell am going to see this one. God dammit British movies D,: I don't want to buy a region 0 dvd.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: Boring suspense film

Robert B (de) wrote: Glengarry Glen Ross is the type of movie where if you enjoy it once then you will enjoy watching it again. Why? It has excellent dialogue and acting, which do not get used up in one viewing (vs. special effects or plot twists). Jack Lemmon gives a stand-out performance, great characterization and reactions. This is a film you will want to view since it may become one of your all-time favorites.

Jenna P (au) wrote: I adore this movie. The first hour is slow, but the second hour is dripping with gore, intrigue, serial murder, and complete insanity. It's marvelous. A young son of circus performers witnesses his father cut off his mother's arms (amazing shot btw) and slash his own throat. Then things really go off the rails. SANTA SANGRE is definitely an art film with long scenes that seemingly don't serve the plot - or does it really have a plot? The movie could have a plot, as the main twist is fantastic and ripe for drama, but Jodorowsky fills the film with bizarre set pieces and characters, some of which have little bearing on the heart of the story. The cast includes some gems, including three of his sons and many actual carnival performers. It's also positively gorgeous and possibly beyond words.

Kyle B (fr) wrote: A nice showcase for the always delightful Michael Caine and Julie Waters but felt too stagey as it is based on a play. It's well adapted writing wise but a bit too claustrophobic at times

Rubi I (au) wrote: I am interested in incestuous films so much. But for this film, the colours, the customes, the setting and Catherine Deneuve attract me more.

Barry W (mx) wrote: This was a whole lot of teenage angst. If one of the early modern Doctor Who episodes featured the characters as teenagers, this would be it.

Gavin P (au) wrote: An OK heist film (as that's what it essentially is) - not necessarily a 'gangster' film, but does have a few deaths, seeing as Ordell (Jackson) is a gun-runner. Jackie (Grier) is a air hostess who smuggles Ordell money in from Mexico, & when she's caught by the ATF (Keaton), she plays the them off against Ordell & his cronies, Louis (De Niro) & Melanie (Fonda). The wild card is bail bondsman, Max (Forster). The final 45min is really well done and has a 'happy' ending, but the first hour was pointless and slows everything up much more than it needed to. Not bad, but not great either.

Austin F (au) wrote: 70% Despite trading the slapstick for sex jokes, Meet the Fockers did fairly well, given the track record of most comedy sequels.

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Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream torrent

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