Holy Lola

Holy Lola

The story of a young couple, Pierre and Geraldine, and their desire for a child, which leads them on a journey of initiation to Cambodia. On their difficult and transformative adventure, they must contend with obstructive authorities and the jealousies and mistrust of a small community of would-be adoptive parents.

The trials and tribulations of a French couple's efforts to adopt an orphan baby in Cambodia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike S (fr) wrote: I felt as though the plot was just cheesy and such, but the acting from Timberlake was great. He always does a great job at choosing and performing in the roles he chooses.

Vlad D (de) wrote: este un film despre normalitate, despre neputinta si acceptare. chiar daca nu iti place ce se intampla, intelegi si realizezi ca nu poti schimba nimic, nici macar in modul in care privesti.

Julia J (de) wrote: Cool idea and ending...

la noix u (ca) wrote: a "fatih ak?n" film. lovely music. sincere acting. the story is so down to earth and yet so fantastic...almost every scene can be observed like a photo.another reason to fall in love with moritz bleibtreu :D

Scott C (br) wrote: I can barely remember this. Interesting to see it was directed by Steven Zaillian.

Brent J (es) wrote: The world needs more feel-good rodent themed movies.

Nate W (es) wrote: some dude puts a price on zatoichi's head. i was pretty drunk when i watched this, and even though it might merit a rewatch, this was still pretty awesome

Apostolis H (kr) wrote: For 1941, it was good

Jeffrey C (de) wrote: Good, but not quite great. Excellent acting by Javier Bardem.