Holy Virgin vs. The Evil Dead

Holy Virgin vs. The Evil Dead

Professor Shiang's female students are chewed apart by the moon monster. At first, Shiang is a police suspect, but as the corpses mount, the cops realize that there are supernatural forces at work.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:moon,   rape,   murder,  

A teacher and his five female students are attacked by a monster with neon-green eyes.The teacher escapes but his students are completely dismembered.He soon discovers the monster is worshipped by a cult whose ambition is to rule the world and tear the clothes off young girls. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ca M (us) wrote: This would have made a better tv show than a movie.

Gd A (kr) wrote: A Fun ReStart of a Very Fun Series, Blade and the Gang have Nazi;s in sight , Stage one of a Trilogy Paart 2 Goes into Production early 2012

JY S (ca) wrote: Dennis Law's Hong Kong action thriller, Bad Blood, comes through with the action.At just under 90 minutes, Bad Blood plays out like a typical Hong Kong crime thriller, except there is martial arts instead of bullet ballets. As for the story, it doesn't seem all that great at first, but gradually it and the characters become more interesting as things unravel.A flurry of action sequences light up the screen and the martial arts choreography is impressive. The sound effects, while not the greatest, successfully give impact to the hits. Fans of martial arts will not be disappointed with a lot of the real time butt whooping that takes place.While Simon Yam is the veteran to this type of film, along with some of the other supporting cast members, it is Bernice Liu that surprises with her change of persona, as she puts the film on her shoulders. Andy On, Luxia Jiang, Xin Xin Xiong, and even Bernice Liu deliver on the action.Bad Blood isn't groundbreaking in anyway. It is just an entertaining piece of work from Dennis Law.

Luciano G (de) wrote: A good family movie, enjoyable for what it is....

Serge L (it) wrote: Mob story that holds water and sounds real. Well done. Even the bits that seemed not to make sense, did make sense in the end.

DeAndra M (mx) wrote: This movie was based around the early account of the 14th Dalai Lama, but he is simply a vessel for a larger life or spirit that is continuing through centuries. In the beginning of the movie the little boy is given a series of test. He proves to them that he is the fourteenth reincarnation of the Buddha of love and compassion. The movie only follows the character until about 1959, when the occupying Chinese crushed a Tibetan revolt, forcing the political and a spiritual leader to flee to India. This film provides a deep spirituality but denies the Dalai Lama humanity. In this movie Kundun is seen as being chosen by fate to become this great man, so that when one dies another can be born. At the age of 2 he was found by a wandering group of religious men. I believe that this movie relates to world religion because it has to do with eternal life. This movie shows how life could be eternal because the Dalai Lama continues to be born again after one has died. This movie also shows how there is a young boy growing up with a very heavy burden and many of his followers continue to tell him that he will soon have great responsibility. This movie shows the audience how much courage it takes to adhere to the Buddhist principle of nonviolence which can be hard at times and this also relates to world religion because one aspect of religion is being able to do things without being violent and the Dalai Lama was able to remain peaceful throughout everything that happened to him.

Alec L (it) wrote: Too much kicking and too much screaming, there's nothing in this film to keep Farrell from monopolizing the attention of the camera and crowd out anything else. Also incredibly sappy, this film is something that parents who love Farrell's charms can watch with their children, which is as much a bad thing as a good thing.

Ian G (ca) wrote: An average comedy from Belushi that I watched just for the baseball connection to the beloved cubs. Otherwise, 80's cheese sports comedy bleeding into the 90's.

Travis S (ca) wrote: I know I'm jousting windmills here, but if your tastes are close to mine, watch this movie.

Tony (de) wrote: Again, one of Fellini's more low key efforts, but very bittersweet and touching as well as eerily prophetic of the continued effect of television on culture. I'd love to see fellini's take on reality tv.

Michael T (es) wrote: Mario Lanza made his film debut in this glossy MGM film which is short on plot but long on a mashup of operatic and pop tunes.

Monique Y (gb) wrote: This is the true redemption story of a very angry young man who ends up in jail. Entertaining but nothing more. All the elements seem to be there but you end up feeling it was a bit of a waste of time. From it all, I rescue my own afterthoughts about people who suffer at the mercy of their own bad temper; how incapable they seem to control their own demons and how really small things trigger a short fuse that gets them in trouble. I'm talking about really good people, people with a heart, who end up making others around believe they are not worth hanging out with because all that comes out of their mouths is anger and hardship. Add to that formula ending up with bad company who finally make them feel some sense of worth because their rage serves their illegal purposes and they'll soon go from misdemeanor to criminal!

Leon B (us) wrote: Review:This movie was, surprisingly, quite entertaining! It's narrated by Woody Allen, whose telling his story about growing up in a packed house in New York in the days of no TV and just a radio and it also follows the rise of Mia Farrow's character who starts out as a waitress and ends up a star. Some of the family scenes are funny and interesting, but I didn't see the whole point of Mia Farrow's character. Her storyline seemed a bit disconnected to the rest of the film. Anyway, the family stays in touch with the world through the radio and they enjoy music, quizzes, drama and the news by tuning in during most of the day. Its amazing to see what people used to go through to broadcast there shows. How times have changed! Basically, it's a sweet film which gives an insight about how it was for Jewish families in New York during the 1930s. Watchable!Round-Up:If your familiar with Seth Green, then you will be surprised to see how young he looks in this movie. He's the guy who plays Dr. Evils son in the Austin Powers franchise and he also supplies his voice for the Family Guy. There are some other familiar stars in the movie, like a young Dianne Keaton and Jeff Daniels, but if you blink, you will miss them. Anyway, on the whole, it's actually not a bad film from Woody Allen. Its well written and all of the characters had depth and they all took part in keeping the family together. They all put in good performances, which made the movie seem realistic and interesting.Budget: $16millionWorldwide Gross: $15millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there Woody Allen movies which follows Allen as a 10 year old kid, growing up during the 1930s and being entertained by the radio. 5/10