Hombre de negro

Hombre de negro


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Joshua D (kr) wrote: A film weighed down by too much drama and not enough character. Watchable, but not special.

Ana G (de) wrote: Un peu flippant, mais un peu tir par les cheveux aussi.

Gary B (nl) wrote: disturbing twist in the middle

Andrew W (ca) wrote: Based on the life of Jesco White this movie was acted impeccably. It had a raw grit to it thats hard for films to capture. It was present in just about every scene. The music was the icing on the cake to make this 100%.

Sharad S (ag) wrote: One of the best movies ever made. If John Waters made a film in Japan this would be it.

Jaycob P (ag) wrote: Not as good as the original Gone in 60 Seconds, but this one has a blimp and badass 70's 'Vette (I want one of those so bad) in it so it still gets credit.

Eddy C (ru) wrote: Really enjoyed this. Loved the way the modern world is catching up the old west. Wayne embodies this concept. He's older and grumpy, estranged from his family, but when needed, drops everything to help them. He is tough, uncompromising, and totally in charge. I love the later Wayne westerns. Great to see his own son playing his son in this as well as the great Robert Mitchims son. Great chemistry between them. Nice scene at the station by his ex wife Maureen Ohara also. It has humour, family, great action and it's one of the most violent Wayne movies I have seen. This s seems to be a bridge to what would be Eastwoods Westerns, and a more gritty portrayal of the West which we would see later. Wayne looks like he is having fun with this character. Some really great quotable lines also in this.

Ryan H (gb) wrote: Sometimes I feel like I've seen enough Holocaust films and/or WWII films that I can handle. So many have been made on the subject, so after a while it starts to feel like there is nothing new that can be done. The Shop of Main Street really proved me wrong once again. The story follows an aryan named Tono who decides to take his brother-in-law's offer to run an old Jewish lady's store on main street. The Jew in Czechoslovakia were not allowed to own stores anymore. But when Tono goes to take over the store, the old lady can't hear him or read the papers. Instead, thanks to Kuchav, he decides to assist her and let her keep running it. Josef Kroner's performance is incredible. He really has the face for the film. We laugh at the comedy of his frustration, and we feel the terror of the Nazi's (which I don't remember even hearing them say the word). The film has a slow beginning, perhaps a little too slow. Throughout the opening we get how much he hates his brother-in-law, and how much he doesn't care about the war, which lets us understand how he can move to an assistant position with the old lady, but I felt this could have been established quicker. For a film over two hours, it could have used the trimming. The ending is perfection. Everything in the film, even the serious moments, weren't so heavy that we felt weighed down. But the last 20 minutes, when the Jews are being taken away and Tono is trying to decide what to do with Mrs. Lautmann, everything gets very heavy and very serious. It doesn't feel like it comes out of nowhere either. The Shop on Main Street is an interesting look at a character who is not completely moral, but is more of a passive agent, and see him react to everything around him during these troubled times. Perhaps that's what makes it feel so fresh: this is a character I have yet to see with a dilemma I was curious how it would be solved.

Teela B (nl) wrote: amazing cinematography, visuals, storyline and acting. It's a must watch