Home Again

Home Again

Returning to a "home" they hardly know after being deported from their adopted countries for minor criminal offenses, three people from very different backgrounds try to make a new life for themselves, in Jamaica in this gutsy drama from writer-director Sudz Sutherland. (TIFF)

Three Jamaicans, who are deported from the U.S., Canada, and England, must make their way in a land that they are not familiar with. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael O (es) wrote: What a total waste of incredibly talented actors. The cast is consists of dozens, yet there are only about 3 characters who are at all interesting at best (the always perfect Gillian Anderson, Alan Cumming, and Stellan Skarsgaard). It tries to be witty & fun, but instead comes across as tepid & pretentious. A major disappointment. Note to Gillian Anderson: Start reading scripts before you sign a contract & perhaps get a new agent. We miss you!

Ari S (jp) wrote: so brutal but so true (still)

Frances H (ag) wrote: Didn't take long to figure out this is one of those everybody gets royally screwed and ends up unhappy movies. When will filmmakers realize that movies are supposed to entertain? The real world is depressing enough. Why do movies have to assail us with that fact?

Brendan N (de) wrote: a dog story, this film was great but the ending like marley really had me hiding

Matt R (es) wrote: A film bereft of plot, acting, scares, and (most importantly) humor. This marks the bottom of the barrel for an already-terrible franchise.

E L (de) wrote: Very pretty to look at. Rather slow.

Timm S (br) wrote: So Will There Be A Part Two? ..Where The Daughters Of The New Fathers Do A Swap 20-Years Later? Or Is That Too Politically Incorrect?? ...An Interesting, And Moralistic Deplorable Drama All At The Same Time. But Leaves One Feeling Very Jaded About 'Motherly' Love..The Witches Brew A Spinster Doth Create.

Andy F (jp) wrote: I'm probably too familiar with Zelig, but for many it was a welcome return to laugh out loud comedy with Woody Allen in his most farcical film since Love And Death. Extraordinarily clever and oozes charm.

Tanya P (us) wrote: Propaganda. Saw it ten times.

Tatiana V (us) wrote: one of the best soviet movies...

Jon H (ru) wrote: Fine little B Movie, but bears almost no resemblance to real life. His gang, the lady in red, etc., are complete figures of the scripter's imagination. Probably would've been better if the main character wasn't Dillinger, but a fictitious gangster. Stick with the superior 1973 version instead.

Chantal W (nl) wrote: Hey, any movie that can make me cry out of sympathy for a character that I hardly like is a good movie.

Antonios g (ca) wrote: it is a funny movie that I think it fourth watching

bill s (es) wrote: I love cheese but trying to hard to sell that cheese is worse than just plain old bad horror.