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A successful rock lyricist becomes romantically involved with a girl he picks up hitchhiking only to learn that she is only fourteen. Her parents take action against him.

A successful rock lyricist becomes romantically involved with a girl he picks up hitchhiking only to learn that she is only fourteen. Her parents take action against him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn M (au) wrote: My three year old liked it more than I did, but in all fairness I'm not a big music fan in general so it's no surprise I was bored with a musical. Interesting version of Shrek nonetheless. I'm giving this an extra star just because he liked it so much.

Tracy C (de) wrote: Funny, worth the watch to see these old farts!

Kristina K (ru) wrote: No matter what the critics say... The movie is spectacular and Julia Roberts is giving a great performance. The whole cast is nothing but perfect explaining so clearly about the family connections. One of the best movies I've watched through 2013.

Olivia C (ru) wrote: I thought it was a very heart felt movie and I completely and utterly enjoyed each minute of it.

Abigail O (es) wrote: This film was annoying. And here's why. It was set in one of those fudgey everywhere-and-nowhere sort of settings. Young woman with American accent becomes a nanny to a brisk businessman (American? English?) who is raising his nephew and neice from a distance. They live in an everywhere/nowhere huge vaguely European mansion. The boy attends boarding school and has a cut-glass English accent. The girl has an American accent. Tara Fitzgerald is the chain-smoking PA to the brisk businessman, and she is English and a bit aristocratic. The ambulance that comes to fetch the girl to hospital looks European, or maybe it's a private ambulance? And if you read the credits the film was made in Luxembourg. So it was one of those weird fudgey films where you're not supposed to notice or care where you are in the world. But I like to know! Context is everything! The little girl kept annoying me with her post-vocalic /r/ which I thought really ought not to be there if her brother had an English accent. This is a horror film so there were some good scenes of scary-troll-looking-through-the-window. The relationship between the nanny and the PA was quite hard to work out. They end up having a steamy affair with each other towards the end, but this film failed in that by this time I really couldn't care less. And there was one scene, a flashback, where I watched thinking "What's going on there?" and had to run it back to look at again, and afterwards was profoundly disturbed, and not in a good way. I wish I hadn't run it back. Paedophilia - enough said. This is based on a turgid M R James story, one that's been made into films many times and I've never been able to get on with any versions. The ending is pretty horrible, but also pointless. I agree with the reviewer who said it would have been better if Garth Marenghi had been involved, that humble Essex fabulist could have brought some humour to all the dire misery of it. Like I bet if he did it, the little lad would have used the scyth effectively and there would have been loads of special effects and gore lying around. This film is nobody's finest hour - don't see it.

AD V (nl) wrote: Next to Nekromantik, this is the worst so-called "movie" of all time.

Mike S (ru) wrote: Great plot, great direction, and fantastic acting from Wood and Hunter. This movie makes me really not want to have any children.

Ceph J (nl) wrote: A superficial look at 1965 High schoolers during the Vietnam era. It has the potential for a better film but the movie suffers from too many characters, stock characters (e..g the principal Mr. Maran is a jerk), and shifts scenes so quickly that you don't know what the director is aiming for. The soundtrack is fine but why is called "There Goes My Baby"? and not another song. The acting is subpar by Rick Schroeder, Dermot Mulroney, Kelli Williams et al. Only Noah Wyle and Kenny Ranson as Calvin piqued by interest. A disappointing film especially with the potential for a great drama.

Noah G (ca) wrote: Beautiful stuff. It definitely challenged my usually short attention span, but there is something so otherworldly about it, I couldn't look away. If the VHS tape in The Ring (or Ringu) actually existed, it would probably be A LOT like this.

Mlissa A (gb) wrote: Un peu due... Malgr le classique Big Spender, le film est bourre de longueurs et de "pourquoi on nous montre a". Bref, je l'ai couter pour le fait que c'est un classique, mais c'tait la dernire fois que je l'coutais.

Bridge G (kr) wrote: That's a good movie but I haven't seen it in a while.

Austin G (ca) wrote: 10 years ago, this movie was every kid's favorite movie. Try and watch it today, and it may seem a little dry.

Scott R (kr) wrote: Good western about settling Texas, ranching and herding cattle across 1000 miles to market. It's filled with power struggles, gun fights, romance and redemption.