Home for the Weekend

Home for the Weekend

On the request of his mother Gitte, Marko, who has been living in Berlin for years, drives off to the countryside to visit his parents. His hopes of spending a quiet and relaxing time with his family fall short when Gitte surprises everyone by revealing that she has recovered after a long mental illness. Marko is the only one who respects her wish from now on to be treated as a full member of this family and, as a result, ends up tipping more than just the delicate balance of his parent’s seemingly harmonious relationship.

Marko is in his mid-thirties, has just published his first book, and has been living in Berlin since his university days - far enough away from his parents Gitte and Günter whose bourgeois ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke M (us) wrote: Beautifully shot to look like one long home video, Rachel Getting Married has a very intimate and authentic feeling, even if it does indulge in a few too many party scenes. A few thin plot points and a few thin characters here and there do not even begin to detract from the powerful and moving script and performances, especially that of Anne Hathaway, who portrays Kym as a charming, hysterical and deeply wounded but loving individual.

Taylor D (gb) wrote: I never was really into Bionicles, but I actually think this movie is pretty cool.

Eric C (jp) wrote: Eddie Murphy's best role to date, Axel Foley rules!

Adam R (es) wrote: 1776 offers a glimpse of how the Continental Congress declared American independence, granted several liberties were naturally taken. William Daniels is truly outstanding in this and portrays John Adams very passionately. The one thing I think this film could have been better without is the sexual combustibility. The innuendo was disgracefully overdone at times and felt out of place. Other than that there were a few songs I didn't care for, but it remains a fine patriotic musical on the whole. (First and only full viewing - Early July 2013)

Scott N (es) wrote: I watched it for 5 minutes..... Felicity Kendall is a draw!

Rachel C (jp) wrote: Intriguing. Sam Rockwell reminds me Edward Norton in a way.