Home from Home

Home from Home

About three women in search of a home return to South Korea after an absence of more than thirty years. In the 1970s, they left everything behind in order to go to Germany as "guest workers." Although assimilated in their new country, they long for the old one. Now they are able to realize their dream of returning with their German husbands to Dogil Maeul, the German village that has been created for people like them. Situated in a picturesque bay, the village is indeed more German than Germany--there is even whole meal bread and Frankfurter sausages. This is the new-old home to which their sixty something husbands Armin, Willi and Ludwig have come in the hope of spending their remaining years. However, there is still something missing for the three women as they discover it is not so easy to pick up where they left off.

After more than thirty years of absence, three Korean women return with their German husbands to their old homeland - to a land that is no longer theirs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Beteley R (au) wrote: Dozed off halfway, it was that great.

Ma R (us) wrote: Derivative (The Skeleton Key anyone?) and mildly racist, this horror flick delivers some good scares, but is undermined by its clichd plot and flat characters.

kenie r (it) wrote: As a figure skater of ten years this movie should be the most offensive thing I've ever seen but in reality I have never laughed harder at a movie than I do every time I watch this one. This is by far Will Ferrell's best movie. Not to mention his opposite in the film Jon Heder who I've never seen before in a movie but feel in love with him in this movie because of how funny he is.

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