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Reverend David Poe and his psychiatrist wife trade hectic New York life for an idyllic rural farmhouse; the perfect place for 10 year old twins Jack & Emily to run, play and imagine. Documenting this lifestyle change, David decides to film every holiday and special family event. To the Poe's horror their home movies reveal an increasing malice and evil within their children and by Valentines Day, the children's sadism has turned to a blood lust for human prey.

Documents one family's descent into darkness, using a compilation of found home-made footage. In the remote woods of upstate New York, the Poe family lives a Norman Rockwell life. Perfect ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel M (kr) wrote: Meia estrela para as legendas...

Stphane S (mx) wrote: Un film chaotique, a l'image d'Asia Argento.

Gina G (de) wrote: Expected more. Could have been better in every way.


Hael H (au) wrote: Got it, great movie.

Sergio R (au) wrote: As far as spy movies tend to go, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind takes the edge by maintaining a comedic baseline on the dark side of audience with sudden scenes of pure dread and thrill. Pulling a film such as this has being attempted before with no real success. It is truly not a feat that should be attempted without an extremely skilled and experienced director, yet Clooney succeeded none the less. In my experience, action-spy movies tend to be the only ones to succeed, and unfortunately seeing how this movie did in the box office, the statement stands. Overall, the film managed to make the audience care about its central character, leave a bit of thrill for the spy, a little spite for the unfaithful husband, a lot of soullessness for the host of your usual game show, and the remaining shred of humanity on a writer. As far as biopic films go, it is along Jarhead and Ray for me.

Charlie E (us) wrote: Good movie. Has it funny parts. Just needed better music like from Neil young.

Tony P (es) wrote: Big cast and has a good reputation but the film didn't quite do it for me.More an 18 rated version of a typical Eastenders eoisode. Derek Branning is in it!Cigarettes, alcohol, substance misuse all are major elements of this gritty British movie. The first ten minutes or so set in some Sarf London gaff are just anecdotes from Ray Winstone's character. I really did think what am I watching here.However as the film progresses the grug abuse, alcoholism and domestic abuse storylines with Ray Winstone as the central character it seems begin to unravel.The film was directed by Gary Oldman of The Firm, Robocop (new version) and Tinker, Taylor Soldier Spy fame.Winstone probably gives his most dramatic performance since Scum even if it is littered with foul language and fists.Worth a watch.

Zach M (it) wrote: This movie has held up pretty good over the years. It is a nice mix of police noir and horror movie from Clive Barker.Scott Bakula was a good choice for the lead and Famke Janssen, in her first major role, looked excellent.The visuals don't all hold up as well but for the most part it still looks really good.The director's cut helped make the story clearer over the theatrical cut.

Randy P (gb) wrote: Deliverance hasn't aged at all. In another 45 years, you can still say the same about it. Smart, bravura performances, crafted with care and delivers the story with force.

Griffin W (mx) wrote: Charming, darkly funny, and well written. This film is such an oddly cute tale of two people of vastly different ages who are in love with life and death. The cinematography is beautiful, the comedy and drama is perfectly balanced, and the performances are very believable. The chemistry between the leads make the movie completely engaging. Granted, I will admit that a few gags in the film are funny the first few times but after a while they're not as shocking. But overall the film is a classic dark comedy and has a great finale. It's pretty "Great!"

Scott J (fr) wrote: Hollywood moral code.

Bobby D (it) wrote: This film is soooooooooooooo bizarre its' AWESOME! Sort of an unintentional Rocky Horror Picture Show Christmas special.