Home On The Range

Home On The Range

When a greedy outlaw schemes to take possession of the "Patch Of Heaven" dairy farm, three determined cows, a karate-kicking stallion and a colorful corral of critters join forces to save their home. The stakes are sky-high as this unlikely animal alliance risk their hides and match wits with a mysterious band of bad guys.

bounty, in order to save the Patch of Heaven. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wataru T (mx) wrote: ich glaube, dass der comic viel besser ist .....

Alex F (nl) wrote: Light, funny and still Ken Loach!

Michelle D (ag) wrote: People just make me sick sometimes. All of that nonesense could have been avoided and lots of lives could have been saved if people weren't so ignorant, and selfish.

Leo L (it) wrote: Interesting story plot that centralizes around a young couple who embrace open relationships, but when various troubles arises. The solidarity of their relationship is tested. Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford, and Steve Sandvoss stars. Worthy!

DeAngelo J (au) wrote: i have a date to see it soon

Kevin S (fr) wrote: this movie is all over the place

Simon D (ca) wrote: With the four main actors in this all playing typicast cliche characters, this film doesn't really get of the groud. It does get gory near the end but it's all so predictable that it's hardly worth watching past the first 20 minutes.

Shawn W (au) wrote: New recruit quickly moves up the corporate ladder for no good reason in a large conglomerate where people regularly get fired or jump from the office window. A bit of a hit and miss affair with the misses winning out more often. The jokes feel like they are just thrown out there to see what works. Often a bit too over-the-top for its own good. Did appreciate the appearance of Don King in the boardroom.

Maarrk H (gb) wrote: Truffaut's third entry in the Antoine Doinel series is somewhat more light-hearted than 'The 400 Blows' in which it started, but very nearly equally as charming. Doinel's one of the great characters in French cinema, and L (C)aud with Truffaut is one of the great collaborations. Truffaut is the master of bittersweet, and 'Stolen Kisses' is another beauty in his long list of grand works. Monsieur can do no wrong in my books ...

David E (kr) wrote: A must see!!! The absolute best of the disaster genre and a much smarter film that it's given credit for! Roland Emmerich is one of the best writer/directors of all time! Guy knows how to entertain, period!

Dave M (us) wrote: "The To Do List" (R, 1:44) is a raunchy comedy from first-time writer/director Maggie Carey, who loosely based the movie on her real-life experiences. The film stars the very talented Aubrey Plaza ("Parks and Recreation") as Brandy Klark, a brilliant high school graduate who becomes convinced that she has to prepare for college by having all the sexual experiences that her commitment to studying and her social awkwardness have not allowed for. Her sister (played by Rachel Bilson from the CW series "Hart of Dixie") and Brandy's two sexually experienced besties (Alia Shawkat and Sarah Steele) encourage her, and Brandy gets to work. She approaches her problem as if she's preparing to take the SATs - in another language. She makes a list of sexual experiences and methodically works her way down the list with a variety of guys from her graduating class. It's an interesting set-up with potential for some very naughty humor, but I found the film lacking in execution.There are a number of things in this movie that just don't make sense. How could such a smart girl be so clueless about sex? (Inexperienced, yes, but totally ignorant?) Why would two experienced, socially well-adjusted girls be best friends with the arrogant, closed-off Brandy? And how could Brandy, who had barely kissed a boy before graduating high school, so quickly and easily embrace her inner slut? I could go on. This film just becomes a series of awkward and disgusting moments that are supposed to make us laugh, but left me just feeling....dirty. Now, "The To Do List" does have its funny moments, but there would have been more if Carey had shown just a little more restraint. Often, sexual situations in a comedy are funniest when more is left to the imagination. It's both surprising and disappointing that the director would let these gags go farther than they needed to, because otherwise she managed her cast extremely well!The supporting players are a Who's Who of NBC's best actors, but they all play against type. These stars of NBC sitcoms (including Donald Glover from "Community", Nolan Gould from "Modern Family" and Jack McBrayer from "30 Rock"), Saturday Night Live (Bill Hader and Andy Samberg) and even NBC dramas (Connie Britton and Scott Porter from "Friday Night Lights" and Clark Gregg from "The West Wing") all give effective and entertaining performances without relying on the specific qualities that have made them successful in previous roles. In fact, I can't remember the last time I've seen an ensemble of actors (especially comic actors) so universally separate themselves from their most popular characters. It's too bad that their efforts were not in support of a better script or a funnier movie. I would recommend that you leave "The To Do List" off of your "Movies To See List", something that it's too late for me to do. At this point, all I can do is tell you about this movie's few strengths, many weaknesses and give the film a "C".

Matthew C (ag) wrote: I realize that this movie is technically pretty flawed. But I just ADORE Weird Al's work. The writing is hilarious to me, the cinematography is still so goofy, the acting is ridiculously over the top, and the soundtrack is really goofy. This whole film is goofy. It's like an anti movie, with basically no structure, arcs, and real value.And therein lies its true beauty.

Matt W (nl) wrote: One of my favourite films. The classic formula of background, build-up, heightened tensions and culmination, in a closed environment. The portrayal of Hook was shameful however, so maybe a remake is due, alas Follywood would probably be even more slanderous in the face of dramatisation. "You're all going to die!"... as ever, the god believers are wrong. ;)