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A high school shooting has repercussions on the town and students.

A high school shooting has repercussions on the town and students. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebecca E (de) wrote: So in depth. What every aspiring artist needs to know

Scott W (it) wrote: I love comics, and Green Lantern is my favorite superhero. So psyched that Ryan Raynolds is gonna play him in the live action movie!

Oneofmany A (gb) wrote: I watched this on Netflix after reading some mixed reviews online. After seeing it, I understand how it may not appeal to some people [it was not what I was expecting] it far exceeded my expectations as I was pleasantly surprised by it's break-out of the typical Vampire/horror genre. Despite low ratings on Netflix & fair ratings on Imdb ... I really liked this film and would definitely recommend it to others though it did seem a tiny bit slow [it is European afterall] and was more of a supernatural comedy/thriller [I guess] than "horror". It reminds me almost of the Buffy/Angel series in the way it is difficult to define its appropriate genre- if you have an open-mind .... give it a go. You might like it.

Jonathan K (br) wrote: If there was ever a movie that might make someone already unstable kill themselves, not because it's bad but because it upset them so much, it would be a movie like this one. Like SPL, but to a level I've almost never seen, it's a story about a group of characters, all of whom either die, or lose everything...and then die. It's gripping, constantly keeping up a very brutal, angry and raw hyper-surrealism. While watching it I actually felt smaller, like the world is rough, and life is, at the same time, both wondrous and yet meaningless.I'm not sure if I want to see this movie more than once or twice again for as long as I live, but it was a very moving piece of cinema. At first it felt like a wannabe artistic movie - but when the characters all go past the point of no return, which is only about 30 minutes into the movie (a new record, I believe), its artistic side takes a much more stable, much more emotional and stirring stance.This movie is at times incomprehensible, and while I thought the big twist at the end was very clever, I thought it was starting to go past where it should have ended.A very powerful film that almost makes one feel small and dreamy while watching. If you like Asian cinema, and you also like Independant movies, you'll really like this movie. Don't take the front DVD cover as face value - THIS ISN'T REALLY AN ACTION MOVIE; it's a drama, through and through.

Jashua W (jp) wrote: Twisted tales of love and exploring desire.

Ian M (gb) wrote: It has a great cast! That's the best reason to check it out...

Lasse C (gb) wrote: Horrible, cliche-ridden pile of horse manure. Although having said that it did have a certain entertainment value because of the terrible acting and writing you can't help laugh at it some times.

Shaun B (ag) wrote: You can tell how bad this film is by taking a look at its spliced together photo poster. Gahhh.

Jessica H (au) wrote: Liam is a bit of a covert anti-hero, but this film is predictable in what little plot that it has.

Tyson B (es) wrote: One of my favorite ghost stories; I actually live near the town where the film was shot, so I get to actually walk around in the story any time I want to. You should watch this with your family; I guarantee it will become a favorite.

Doug M (es) wrote: my first review on rotten tomatoes of one of my favorite films ever. you will never find a movie with a message so understated, so warm, with humor, charm & brilliance. there is no cgi, nobody shouting at the top of the lungs - its richness lies with its simplicity. the scene where mac tries to bargain his life for gordon's all sloshed on account of good scotch whiskey is one of those movie moments that sticks with me to this very day.everything is balanced down to the wonderful theme music from mark knopfler.

Marcos S (it) wrote: Sublime performance by Sally Field.

Ollie T (kr) wrote: One of my all time favorite movies, not to mention of the best Batman movies.

Brendan N (gb) wrote: Campy horror film that brings back the level of Evil Dead to the mainstream. The film sinks the most when it attempts to correct its main character or when they explain how to save her. The ending is brilliant but annoying at the same time as the lead character turned out to be an idiot. There are lots of uncomfortable moments and Raimi magic humour, that's one of the main reasons to watch it. Justin Long is just wasted as the support and seems way too restrained.

Christopher B (us) wrote: I enjoyed this, you will too if you can appreciate dysfunction.

Sam M (gb) wrote: Almost as good as the third film, its really something in its own right.

Jose F (de) wrote: Spanish Critic:Capitn America Civil War, es una notable propuesta para el subgnero de los supeheroes, plasmando un contraste inmediato con el resto de las pelculas del MCU, aunque a diferencia de The Winter Soldier, esta cinta lleva mas presente la esencia clsica de Marvel.Por ultimo, realiza una notable evolucin de personajes, mostrando nuevas facetas de los protagonistas.