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When Koichi Takahasi (Miutani) is transferred from Tokyo to a small village in Iwate Prefecture, they set up hoe in a two-hundred year-old farmhouse. The family is split between those who hate the move and those who are happy. Fumiko (Yasuda), the wife, is unhappy at the change and doesn’t get on with her elderly neighbours, Azumi (Hashimoto) is sad about having to transfer to a new school. Koichi’s mother, Sumiyo (Kusabue), rather likes the new community while young Tomoya Takahashi (Hamada) really enjoys the new move because he can play outdoors. Koichi takes note of the split in the family but finds himself struggling at his new job. Thankfully the house has Zashiki Warashi (yokai) living there who will unite them with their antics. Judging by the poster these antics won’t be terrifying.

A family in ruins recovers through their encounter with a "Zasikiwarashi", the japanese spirit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny S (jp) wrote: 7 directors 7 days pretty ordiniary movie showing life scenes including lesbian correctness & worshipping a goddess

Brendan S (nl) wrote: I loved this movie. Underrated comedy

Nathaniel T (it) wrote: Seriously underrated by critics, it is a flash of genius, well-played (when not overplayed) by Kinnear.

Susan L (fr) wrote: Loved great for any age

l i n d (jp) wrote: I love Alyson Stoner, but this movie was pretty bad.

Christopher B (de) wrote: I doubt many, if any, of my friends would have the patience to finish this movie. It's a film that focuses on subtle, nuanced interactions among characters . . . not on some elaborate plot. I must have a preference for films of that nature because I cherished this one.


Sarah I (gb) wrote: I read the book and loved it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the movie was just as good. It's not a well known movie, and hardly anyone famous is in it. But it's a great story, and really moving.

Douglas L (de) wrote: Some annoyance here and there from Damon Wayans, but you can see kick ass really took from this. They just went grittier and lost the cheese. I thought Wayans and Grier were a pretty funny duo, and they've proved it on many occasions. A lot of good superhero references in it as well (Blankman delivering the baby, and bringing it up the elevator- Penguin in Batman Returns).

Thomas P (jp) wrote: An action-packed comedy epic from the now retired James Cameroon. Arnie is fab with a mix of what he does best. The action is memorable and flows throughout. The story is wonderfully told with perhaps Curtis and Arnold's greatest roles to date. Malik is a babyish villain and Carrere is still fabulously hot but Bill Paxton steals the show as a sort of wimpy-paedo - "she had an ass like a 10 year-old boy!" Do they still make films as long and diverting as this?!

Nusret K (gb) wrote: Klasik konusu ile basit bir beyzbol filmi. Gene de hos bir film , kisa suresi ile sikmayan izlenebilecek bir yapim.

Colin F (de) wrote: I remember seeing bits of this film in the early 90s so thought I would check it out again now its on DVD and have always wanted to see all of it. It was not really as good as I remember it, it trys to be a bit too surreal and arty, it does not come off. Robbie Coltrane is great in this film as the dodgy club entertainer. Great music, but a really dodgy plot which gets abit lost in itself, with some dodgy acting at times, only worth checking out if its on film 4 or something.

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: Perhaps the best Spielberg film ever, this war drama has a large cast but focuses on mainly one character, a boy out of his familiars. Malkevich plays an American, capitalism uncaged, for whom the war is primarily an opportunity for gain. Richardson is a British socialite, forced against her will to look at real life and none too happy about it. And Bale, the star, is a Brit of privilege too, but barely manages to make do. This piece had two things against it as I went in, Spielberg and Bale, but both rise above their comfort zones to deliver an exceptional story.

Frdric B (jp) wrote: Un film rellement fabuleux qui dcortique, au travers l'affrontement entre Danton et Robespierre, les drives de la Rvolution et les mcanismes de la Terreur (Wajda y rgle en filigrane ses comptes avec le communisme). Le finesse du scnario, la qualit de de la reconstitution historique, la bande son hallucinante, la prestation des acteurs et volont de Wajda de ne jamais cder une quelconque simplification, font de Danton un vritable chef d'oeuvre.

Michael M (es) wrote: The performances are often pedestrian, the writing is forced, the effects display blatant age marks, and despite a heavy focus on the mystery (something that was missing in the remake) the reveal comes too casually. But does that make it a bad movie? Well, no actually. It's no masterpiece, and at times can be downright silly, but that's really part of its charm. There's a certain quality to these 70's era live-action Disney pictures that no other films can capture, and I must admit to a certain fondness towards them. Low attention span children may get bored by some of the more drawn out sequences (there are a number of edits that could have been made to streamline a handful of scenes) and may prefer the remake, which admittedly I do as well. Still, it's harmless fun, and it's charm is undeniable. It's stupid, but it's cute, and it's very difficult to dislike.

Maymay A (mx) wrote: Great performances, suave vocals from Sinatra, and irresistible Marlon Brando charm. What more could you ask for? Guys and Dolls is truly a classic.

Laura M (ag) wrote: While how exactly the refugees were treated in the hotel and the manager's motivations might be more fitting history to a narrative rather than fitting a narrative to history, I think that the movie went about capturing what it would be like to be holed up in a hotel while genocide goes on around you well. Don Cheadle's performance was very good. One of those movies that's very good but I'm not sure I'd watch it again.

Jacob T (it) wrote: This is the 8th James bound movie and it is better then the first 7. This movie has a great story line. It also has great acting. The man with the golden gun is better. But still this is a great movie see it.

Daniel P (au) wrote: Muppets From Space is never quite as funny as it tries to be.

Flobow T (fr) wrote: I loved this movie! It's not every day you get to watch a "miracle" happen! How incredible that this is based on a real life story! May this little girl have a wonderful and long life. This movie was incredible and made you often feel like you were there!