When a quiet group of pensioners learn that their homes are to be torn down to make way for a block of flats, they decide to take action. What starts as an attempt to discourage the developers soon escalates into wholesale murder of both the developers and the construction workers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   revenge,   city,  

When a quiet group of pensioners learn that their homes are to be torn down to make way for a block of flats, they decide to take action. What starts as an attempt to discourage the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron J (au) wrote: Great film you can't go wrong with this franchise. I mean you get lots of action and a load more of legends in one film and you get Arnold Schwarzenegger with them great one liners. what else could you ask for in a film.

Sue S (kr) wrote: If you're looking for a new family-friendly, feel good movie with a message, I think this one is good enough. Small town Ohio football.

Jaime L (jp) wrote: After the success of the original "American Pie" the producers have been trying to do a lot of movies with the same topic but with not so good results; therefore there are many movies that have American Pie in the title but there are not near as good as the original. This one is another example of that; although there a few good jokes most of them are very predictable and at times the movie becomes a little bit boring. If you like r rated comedies with some nudity and some embarrassing moments maybe you like it; if you don't, well don't waste your time, it's doesn't worth it.

Tyson P (ru) wrote: haha these movies are awsome. so random and gory i love it.

Ho3 wnt 2 b n my plc3 but th3y cntlol (ru) wrote: This is one of my favorite movies..I will watch this a thousand times and more.Very Excited

Byron B (br) wrote: "You're a strange person, Robert. I mean, what will you come to? If a person has no love for himself, no respect for himself, no love of his friends, family, work, something - how can he ask for love in return? I mean, why should he ask for it?" -Cathy (Susan Anspach) says.This BBS Production written by Carole Eastman and Bob Rafelson is rife with late 60's, early 70's ennui. Rafelson is careful to create a character who is not self-destructive, but always searching. Bobbie Dupea (Jack Nicholson) fills his life with meaningless sex and unfulfilling work, since he says he finds no emotional connection with his intellectual family or the career as concert pianist that was expected of him. The soundtrack mixes several classical pieces with Tammy Wynette country to interesting effect. Also beautiful photography is juxtaposed with somewhat random scenes of disconnected people who temporarily cross through Bobbie's life. Karen Black is Bobbie's girlfriend Rayette. She is a bit ditzy, but really very sweetly in love with Bobbie, who won't return the love as he sleeps around and pushes her away by various methods. Bobbie's sister (Lois Smith) and brother (Ralph Waite) have remained at home on an island off of Washington state to care for their invalid father. Cathy (Anspach) is Bobbie's brother's girlfriend, but he decides to make her a conquest too. Some of the biggest laughs come when unpretentious Rayette eventually intrudes on the Dupea family and their friends. Yet there is a lot of tension beneath the surface amongst all these people who are broken in one way or another.

Kyle B (ca) wrote: A preachy and over the top movie with a questionable Oscar winning performance from Burt Lancaster. The women in the movie make it worth while but the rest of the movie is just over the top

Tim S (ca) wrote: King Dinosaur is, by and large, one of the worst films I have ever seen in my life. It's another in a long line of films about people being marooned in unknown territory and being attacked by creatures of some sort. In this instance, it's about a group of scientists who take a rocketship to another planet and discover "dinosaurs" on it. The thing is though that these are giant bees, gila monsters and crocodiles, so nothing spectacular like stop motion animation or anything. It has many jump cuts, blank frames, horrible acting and an absolutely boring pace, not to mention a cliche'd and sub-standard story. It's just altogether not good, but at least it was featured on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, so there is that.

Srinidhi R (it) wrote: suspense till the end...enjoyed it..bit of a slow starter too..

Zachary B (au) wrote: Betty Grable might get top billing in this 40's flick, but its Victor Mature deserves the credit. Mature carries this film to the end. That's not to say that Grable doesn't carry her weight, she's fabulous. On a side note: Does anyone else think "Over the Rainbow" is out of place in a film noir? Its kind of cool, but glaring.

Melissa T (es) wrote: One of my favourite films hands down. Intriguing characters, unexpected turns, a load of female protagonists. Yes please.

Tyler W (it) wrote: This Is Easily The Worst Horror Movie Of 2013

Dax S (de) wrote: A great classic animated movie

Nadine L (kr) wrote: omg it's horrible, couldn't stop watching b/c script was so bad, it's like nobody sat down to plot it out in advance, just wrote a bunch of random shiz happening, there are a few moments, here and there, they made me thing, okay... that was something right there. I lol at the end re lack of wedding scene i.e. no money

Mark B (fr) wrote: Strangely in the UK this is called Kajaki: The True Story. A harrowing film but one of the best I have seen in a long time.