'It's hard to put the past behind you| when you're living in it'. Homecoming is the witty and poignant story of five friends who attended a Historically Black
University together in the 1990s. The members of the group| now in their late-thirties| have kept in touch over the years| but have drifted somewhat apart. While
gathering for Homecoming weekend at the house that was once their off-campus dorm| news of one member's recent death forces the friends to reflect on the past;
rekindle relationships; reveal secrets; and redefine their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stuart R (jp) wrote: So bad! It's bad! Why the hell did I watch this crap for? Awful! Awful! Not one good thing in this film. Very amateurish and very bad! And there's two sequels....... Oh no!

Vicki B (de) wrote: I feel very much in the minority as I can't join in with the chorus of people raving about this film. I persevered and tried to like it because normally I do tend to like films with a good critical reception. But I found it so irritating. A self-indulgent, self pitying guy falls in love with a sycophantic operating system called Samantha. The world raves about it. A bratty, degenerate film for people who love to dwell on first world problems. Of course all of this is disguised by a hauntingly pensive soundtrack and too much faux deep, vapid dialogue. People who struggle with empathy will like this film because it tells them how to feel. The cake is over-iced.

Marilee A (au) wrote: Lord of the Rings meets Showtimes Spartacus Series.Visually stunning but a bit improbable,even for a Swedish Girl like me

Sarah P (ru) wrote: Hasn't this same movie been made hundreds of times? Busy family getting away from it all to an old house with a history in the middle of nowhere. Stubborn and unbelieving dad, psychic mom, little kid who plays with the ghosts, and an older character who knows more than they're letting on...seen it all before!

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Yiwen F (br) wrote: another frenchyy. yes they must die at the end

Jerico T (de) wrote: This is a perfect creepy Tomie. Great cast but very cheap film.

Jacob P (fr) wrote: This is a story about how a young lady gets a roommate who turns out to be obssessed with her, so she kills people, all because she didn't take her medication...Hmmm. This was pretty bad. The acting was terrible, and some parts didn't even make sense at times. Did this copy "Single White Female?" Oh, yes. It's the same exact story. The kills however were ok, but this movie still sucks.