Several people gather at the Homesdale Hunting Lodge including butcher/rock singer Mr Kevin, war veteran Mr Vaughan, an octogenarian Mr Levy. All are tormented by Homesdale's staff and forced to participate in a series of games about death and murder in which the true character of the guests starts to emerge.

Guests arrive at an expensive private guest house on a remote island near Sydney. The guest house and weird activities, like theatre sports and orienteering, are run by a leery eccentric. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Homesdale torrent reviews

Al H (jp) wrote: With the right director It could be better.

Thomas H (nl) wrote: It could be tighter but Taare Zameen Par is an emotional film with a satisfying conclusion.

Eliabeth H (de) wrote: kinda slow and very dramatic but some good songs and I like how they went beyond the infatuation stage that most movies end at.

noha H (gb) wrote: ?? ??????? ???????? ??????? ???? ?? ?????? ???????? ??????

Fascade F (de) wrote: Disappointed that it was in B&W...but the adventure was true to form. Continuous reminder of the Ocean's 11, 12 and 13 series with George Clooney and company...but a good flick. Edward G. Robinson can sell snake oil to a shoe salesman in this timeless classic...seeeee?....((LMAO!))Joan Collins was so loyal as a team player in this one! Rod Steiger was as tough as nails as being the "ONE VOICE" in this operation...yeah I got into this flick...that my wife "accidentally" picked ...that turned out to be pretty good...check it out if you have the patience for it...

Daniel A (ru) wrote: Perhaps not so much of a tearjerker as its reputations suggests, Dark Victory is still an emotional and well-acted melodrama with a big heart and sterling performance from Bette Davis. A strong ensemble cast rally around Davis, including supporting turns from Humphrey Bogart and Ronald Reagan, while director Edmund Goulding's well-paced and -executed telling of the tragic story saw the film to a deserved Best Picture nomination.

F B (es) wrote: Average to good romantic story which was enjoyable to watch once but couldn't be bothered watching again.

David L (fr) wrote: Mission: Impossible does have some memorable action and excellent score, but everything else is flat with boring characters, convoluted and unimpressive plot and many ridiculous and tired scenes leading to a very weak first entry in the franchise.

Tiago G (it) wrote: It's really hard to critic films of this magnitude, mainly when time left it decades ago and the criteria to evaluate it as changed so much. Minding that, the Hitchcock masterpiece is a classic that refined the genre itself and influenced uncountable movies ranging from horror, thriller and crime with a touch of suspence that only Hitchcock understands.

Freddy H (it) wrote: Shep Gordon's stories are the stuff of legend.

Sarah H (ca) wrote: I loved the fact that the movie was able to mock itself. Calling the Chipmunks has beens and making fun of the fact that it has been a while since they have been they have been forgotten. Because lets face it they almost were. Not a bad family movie though and still funny and packed with humor the adults can enjoy.

Stuart M (br) wrote: A slow-paced ghost story set on a sub in WW2. Subs are naturally claustrophobic and scary, so this seems an ideal fit, but they're also quite linear, which means that you can't really not know what direction trouble's coming from. They're also crowded, another downside for a horror film, a genre that relies strongly on isolation to create scares. These aren't impossible hurdles to overcome (again, being in a metal tube thousands of feet beneath the water is scary by itself) but they do require a different approach to a typical horror film. This film doesn't really provide that. Instead it just cuts out those bits that don't work in a sub and replaces them with nothing much really.