Homo Erectus

Homo Erectus

Ishbo is a caveman living in the prehistoric age who thinks there's more to life than hunting and gathering. He tries to better the lives of those in his tribe by inventing things like spoons and the toothbrush, which leave everyone, including his parents, unimpressed. He also has a thing for cavewoman Fardart, but she only has eyes for his brother Thudnik. Can Ishbo prove his worth when a rival clan attacks?

A philosophical caveman (Rifkin) yearns for more out of life than sticks, stones and raw meat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy Y (gb) wrote: Great profile of a dynamic man that has, with a smile, fought for equality. An interesting view into his marriage, and his increasing prominence as an activist and actor. And some skits, etc that were pretty funny.

Philippe l (es) wrote: hsite entre le tableau naturaliste, le drame psychologique et le film sportif.

Dennis C (es) wrote: Pure Garbage written by a pseudo-philosopher who ended up living the kind of life she spread hate about. The movie clearly was a reflection of her misguided beliefs, but to understand that, you have to understand her childhood in Russia.

Erika M (kr) wrote: Una joya de pelcula.

Zene (gb) wrote: Haven't heard of it...

cj o (us) wrote: It just looks very cheesy. When I read a plot summary of it that said "in the not-too-distant-future," All I could think of was the next line to the MST3K theme.You don't have to read any review to know the movie's bad. Just look at the DVD box. By one look at the movie box shown on Netflix, I could tell this was a bad one.Just to mention, I'd bet a million dollars that someone who's seen that movie box photoshoped the head to look like that yellow dude from Gargoyles.

Gabriella F (jp) wrote: Laughed my way through at the "acting".

Mike N (mx) wrote: This movie is hystericalll.

Tom S (it) wrote: Interesting documentary. 4/5 stars compared to other documentaries. 3/5 stars compared to other movies.

Robert H (ca) wrote: Being afraid of technology is not a new subject in horror films and dismissing the grossly incorrect science behind this film, Ghost in the Machine has but a few good things going for it. Karen Allen is very good in the role of Terry Munroe, the target victim of the virtual killer. The rest of the cast isn't bad as they deliver their lines etc. with some talent, but they are far from good. There is a couple of good death sequences. The best one coming from a microwave and delivers the best gore of the film. Last is the name of the film. I've always loved the term "ghost in the machine" so I do have a soft spot of sorts for this movie. But most of the deaths here aren't very good. The computer graphics seemed dated even at the time of release and have not aged well at all. And finally there's the story that is so based in non-fact that it might be hard for people to watch. Those out there that have no concept of computer systems, networks, electricity, etc. might be able to easily suspend their beliefs and go on the journey that is Ghost in the Machine and while that might have been the majority when this film was released, these days most 10 year olds can program computers to do their parents taxes.

Andrew S (ru) wrote: Best Movie of the 90's

Mark R (jp) wrote: The music was great, the faces of the characters were amazing caricatures.

Cameron P (au) wrote: Only recommended for fans of Fulci and/or cheesy Italian horror.

Tim R (ag) wrote: One of the greatest movies ever made!

Patrick M (it) wrote: One of the better films in the series. The destruction looks outstanding and Ishiro Honda provides some memorable images. Unfortunately it takes a while to get going, but by the end I was literally cheering. One of Godzilla's most heroic moments.

Sean C (us) wrote: Many of the Italian Neo-Realist movies I find are overrated. This is another that is highly acclaimed, but I did find it interesting all the way through. I heard that it was very controversial in Italy because it showed Rome, with all its religious symbols, in the same frame as the underbelly. Many found that to be immoral at the time. Of course, it didn't have that effect watching it now, but that may be why this is thought of as such an important film.

DeAnna W (gb) wrote: This is one of my FAVE black and white movies. It kept me interested during the whole movie. And he ending had a neat twist.

Ahmad J (gb) wrote: Decent movie but definitely not a favourite! Saw it once years ago and for some reason never felt like seeing it again!

Bill T (ca) wrote: There are things I like and don't like about this.. Likes: Bogie of course, Lorre of course, and Robert Morley is good: Things I didn't like, the whole story, which plays itself as a dark comedy, but fails on it (most of the time) Jennifer Jones is a bit too squirrelly (but I did like her part as someone DESPERATE for adventure) and Gina Lollabridgada is just flat. It almost feels like a home movie Capote and Huston decided to make just so they could get a chance to lounge in Italy for a few months.