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Part of the artificial-creature series encompassing Der Golem (1914 and 1920), Alraune (1918, 1928, 1930) and Metropolis (1926), 'Homunculus' was the most popular serial in Germany during ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Chase C (de) wrote: Horrendous... A mutation of crap and terrorism blended into everything that one should hate.

Rachel M (nl) wrote: it was very funny and touching.

Rob D (kr) wrote: Not in English. Worth checking out.

Joshua L (ca) wrote: Ever Want a reason 2 hate Mormons, watch this!

Samantha H (us) wrote: The song is amazing and the movie is pretty good... Kimberly did alright for playing a dying women... but ive seen her do better...

Cody L (fr) wrote: Great performances by the cast with an actually interesting story about feminism.

Steven R (gb) wrote: A blatant rip off of Boogie Nights, with an awkward performance from Mike Myers.

Andrey B (gb) wrote: A more poetic film than its predecessor.

Matt C (br) wrote: Stylish Kurosawa police thriller which is quite modern and probably influenced a lot of contemporary thrillers. Superb, perhaps influencing great films like Heat and several Coen films,,, as much a look at social inequity as much as a police procedural.

Joseph S (mx) wrote: It's one of those films that's just so beautiful to watch you forget you're being told a great story as well.

Mark C (ru) wrote: Novel concept single-handedly ruined by the atrocious acting from Maurice Dean Wint.

Dave S (ca) wrote: I have always found this movie to be funny. I've loved it since I was a kid. I can't believe it's 16 years old now. Shorty is my favorite!!!

Spencer P (us) wrote: "Don Verdean" presents another fanning of fresh characters and impressive new attention to action from the Hesses, aside from a still-recovering hilarity track, which is what it counts on.

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