Honey PuPu

Honey PuPu

A woman searches for her boyfriend who disappeared on New Year's day. She goes through his website he created missing.com/ing and encounters others along the way...

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  • Release:2011
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A woman searches for her boyfriend who disappeared on New Year's day. She goes through his website he created missing.com/ing and encounters others along the way... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Honey PuPu torrent reviews

Jenny B (nl) wrote: To all the comments about this movie, yes it is a TV movie from "lifetime" channel. I like all movies from this channel! If anyone wants a similar movie to this i recommend watching "Trust" it's the better movie of online meeting and a creepier guy than this one! enjoy the other movie! :)

Jen D (ru) wrote: This film is a great find, I am actually surprised at some of the spew aimed at this film. I really enjoyed watching it, and it pulled a lot of emotion.

JeanMichel D (nl) wrote: Very touching story! How far can one go to save a dear one? / Histoire tres touchante! Jusqu'ou peut-on aller pour sauver un etre cher?

Mike P (mx) wrote: I saw this before I saw Hotel Rwanda, but I consider it just as good. I hear far too many people say the book is better and blah blah blah, but I really don't care. You can still learn a great deal about the movie. I consider it extremely underrated.

Raven D (kr) wrote: Awful movie.The tranny,the guy with the flies,what the fuck...Only good thing is the title.

Brandon C (fr) wrote: A very underrated animated film!

Kellee 3 (fr) wrote: Mickey Rourke is awesome in this movie! Had no idea that he was that good besides in 91/2 weeks and the Wrestler.lol Check this movie out not bad. :)

Veronique K (de) wrote: i have no idea how to review this movie in english, and appreciating it requires some cultural sensibility related to the background, the language, the phrases in the script and the intertextual subtlety related to other genres of chinese cinema during 1970s. remember the first scene in quentin tarantino's kill bill, tarantino shows his homage to kung-fu movies by dubing the logo of hongkong's shaw studio in 1970s when kung-fu movies were sold to the other side of the world. but shaw studio made more than just kung-fu movies, and kung-fu movies have several scenarios derided from the ancient tales of our cultural history, not just a bunch of people wear ancient customs and fight like some half-witted retards. there're several archetypes in the traditional archaic chinese pulps: revenge tales, kung-fu legends (the name kung-fu sucks. correctly the genre is called "tales of chivalrous justice" just like swashbucklers. kung-fu sounds stupid to me) then erotic urban legends like golden lotus, the first chinese realism literature which was written centuries ago before europe's renaissance. this movie mixes these three genres together and blends it with a lesbian twist. in figures of speech, imagine robin hood+ count monte cristo + marquis de sade = intimate confession of a chinese courtesan...ok, i have another thing to say: the translation sucks! the name aims at audience who would buy whatever shits in a chinese antic shop as long as it's dragon or buddha. the corret translation is slave of love, which is the meaning of the leading woman's name. (in our culture, each name has a deriative meaning.). a young woman is robbed by a couple of rogues on the road, and she is sent to a brothel to be trained as a a prostitute (in ancient time, brothels hire professional gangsters to rob ill-fated females and force them to be prostitutes). but this woman refuses to conform. she receives severe abuses. but her untamed manners draw the covet from the brothel's female boss, who happens to be a lesbian dominatrix who takes pleasure in whipping others and licking their blood. after a series of die-hard resistances and attempted suicides, this woman is guided by a male servant who works as a cleaner in the brothel, and he sacrifices his life at rescuing her. but she still cannot manage to escape. before the man dies, he requests her to swear that someday she will take revenge for him and herself and she will never waste her life away before that. eventually she is still forcefully sent to be raped by several richest men in town. but now she chooses to conform. she becomes the lover of the brothel woman boss. she feigns intimacy with the boss in order to acquire all the martial tricks from the boss meanwhile she schemes on murdering every client who has ever violated her. at last, she cripples and slaughters the woman who puts her into all these miseries (the brothel boss), but she also dies for giving in to her momentary mercy. she accpets the boss' demand of granting a last kiss. but lips are already smeared with poison. her name is love's slave and she dies for the remnant of love within her, even for her worst enemy. (did she love her just a little bit, or not? but she just dies of kissing her.) ok, i try my best, it sounds awkward in english. "intimate confession of a chinese courtesan" sounds not so appetizing, i mean the name, come on, from the storyline, you could tell it's a swashbuckler avenger movie! even a lesbian/dominatrix version of swashbuckler avenger movie! courtesan my ass! fuck orientalism. real orient is so much cooler! (ps) even the scenario sounds a little bit like porn, and you might be misled by the movie poster, which adapts some blatant sensationalism just to sell more tickets and copies, but you would never see the nudities you expect to see. yes, there're naked women, but they're all secondary. disaposable characters. as for the main stars, they're fully clothed. even it was 1970s, mainstream chinese cinema was still quite conservative and pedagogic.

Panayiota K (es) wrote: i like Toshiro Mifune but the movie is boring

Asif K (nl) wrote: wow it looks like something i will love to watch ...

Nicki M (ag) wrote: Similar plot to The Other Women, but in high school. Preferable. Silly, but fun and not a long running time, so doesn't outwear it's welcome. Light bit of froth with a like able teen cast.

Annalee H (gb) wrote: a French film.wonderful.

Lionel J (us) wrote: Richard Gere plays a suburban husband that is bored with his every day life and looks for some new excitement in his life

KARLA E (nl) wrote: Good try, but no cigar.

Heather M (nl) wrote: This is a very funny spoof of the Fast and Furious movies. This will appeal to fans of the movies that aren't easily offended.