Teresa (Geraldine Chaplin) and Peter (Per Oscarsson) settle down in their new home after their marriage. Things are going well until her childhood furniture arrives, sending Teresa into horrible flashbacks of turmoil from memories of her youth. The two try to work through their problems and succeed for a while until their charades lead to tragedy in this psychological drama.

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Rhyan S (jp) wrote: "Monogamy" walks the well-beaten path of a couple with commitment issues and features a silly plot device that allows one of them to obsess over an absolute stranger. The "twist" couldn't have been better spotted miles off if it were surrounded by road-flares.And I'm getting a little sick of poorly written dialogue in screenplays hiding behind what used to be called "cinema vrit". If you're not shooting a documentary, write dialogue that either progresses the plot along or drop the stuttering, meandering "realistic" speech patterns altogether. It's boring watching actors stumble their way through scenes in which they need to communicate verbally.On a side note, it's such a shame that Rashida Jones can't land better roles. I think there's some untapped potential there. Or maybe it's just because I think she's cute. Who knows?

Aaron C (ca) wrote: only chose this on a quiet tired night because it was labelled action-comedy. Boy were we taken aback by the gore and dark undertones of the world of gangsters & assassins. The childhood subplot was nice and ultimately predictable, as was the ending -- I only wished that they didn't shed so much blood in the process, but that's my own fault for picking this up. For touching assassin stories, I'd stick with Leon (& stay far away from this and the likes of Kill Bill).

Sandra H (nl) wrote: exciting and intresting with a stellar cast.

FigmentOf Y (it) wrote: not one of my faves...but it IS Vin!

Jeff B (br) wrote: A bit of Reservoir Dogs in this gritty little flick. Could've been even better but it just seemed to lack that oomph. Nice directing and quality cast.

Penelope B (ru) wrote: Not exactly what you would call an exciting film but seeing it as you possibly would a biography it was most interesting.

Amaranta P (ca) wrote: "Full-frontal Viggo nudity makes it ALL better." Come non essere d'accordo.

Tyler S (nl) wrote: This film is at its best with Gere under pressure....which is most of the movie.The guy shows flawless acting in a suspense film about a man doing what's wrong and how it will bite you in the ass.it's a study too of money talks and you can walk.Gere plays a successful CEO who you think at first is a good family man.You quickly realize he is kind of a sleeze ball who is having an affair with a younger woman. Things spiral all of control when he gets in a car accident and kills her.Instead of doing the right thing and calling 911, he flees the seen, calls someone to pick him up, which eventually involves him in the crime. It spirals more out of control in this tense tout thriller that has a quick message abrupt ending. Gere makes the Fantastic movie that is flawed but good nonetheless.