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Wong Jing's Classroom follows Ling, the new substitute teacher at a suburban high school. She feels something wrong about her class. The students in her Class 4E are an unruly bunch, except for Don Don, who always sits quietly in the corner. Suspecting that her students Gi Gi, Co Co, and Fong engage in prostitution, Ling reports the problems with her class to the dean, only to be told that there has never been a Class 4E in the school... In Patrick Kong's Travel, a group of friends go on vacation in Mainland, during which Bo gets killed in a road accident. At Bo's funeral, her travel mates meet Bo's estranged lover Ka Ming , with whom Bo had a heated quarrel on the phone just prior to her tragic death. At the hot-pot dinner after the funeral, a pale-faced Ka Ming reveals to the survivors the secret of his relationship with Bo before going on a killing spree... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Andre R (us) wrote: Josh Hutcherson's part was my favorite.Ha.

Juan Andres O (br) wrote: Muy buen drama social que muestra alguno de los problemas que la poblacion boliviana sufre.

Mitchell G (nl) wrote: Don't do it to your self...Unless you like a bit of B grade shock (which there can be something said for I guess)Bad acting all round!!!The eye candy from Shiri is the redeeming facto for the 2nd star.She could've done so much better, seeing as how how Roswell counterparts have fared.

Cadillac C (es) wrote: An indie rocker's Office Space, but much more lighthearted and sincere.

Abdulmalik A (us) wrote: Blood, violence, murder good Freeman, dumb plot.

Matt L (gb) wrote: "If you wanna eat with the devil, you're gonna need a looooooong spoon!"Now imagine that particular non sequitur--and a host of others--from the voice of the inimitable Motherfuckin' Jack Palance, a guy whose later career seems to have eschewed money for scotch as a form of payment. This is the debut picture of one Ms. Angelina Jolie, and I'm fairly certain she doesn't want it on the highlight reel when she accepts a lifetime achievement award, but as bad movies go, it's pretty fun. Ridiculous, sexist and illogical, but you can't beat Jack Palance Jack Palancing about the place. Not with a stick.

Joshua N (gb) wrote: For the most part Mike Myers movies are hit and miss. Some parts of this make it a miss but some parts are good and funny.

John M (nl) wrote: How can 85% of people on Flixster not be interested in seeing this movie? This is a great movie that any self-respecting film buff should see. Another one of Verhoeven's awesome movies.

John O (gb) wrote: I quite enjoyed this it was very twilight zone you can't cheat death Plot What if you can see the future and there was way that you could change the out come but every change you more people die fate Great story and suspenseful Visual effects were great Worthwhile watching

Kirby P (us) wrote: Based on the book of spectacularly bad relationship advice from Steve Harvey -- who is on his third marriage. Still, it's basically several examples of people taking his advice, which makes it five rom-coms rolled into one. Parts are watchable, just don't take Harvey's nonsensical advice seriously. Oh, and there are a coupla fine hotties in it, so you can just forget the silly plot altogether and watch them.

Corey B (br) wrote: I remember (barely) seeing this at the drive-in, man I miss those, with delta force (4 I think?). It's kind of like a mix between the road warrior, and Alien 3 (if there was no alien, and the inmates weren't all British). Probably not something I'd recommend as a must see, but there are worse ways to waste your time. On a side note, I remember when we were at the drive-in that halfway through the movie the northern lights started right above the screen. Hard to compete with mother nature for a better show!

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