Hoochie Mamma Drama

Hoochie Mamma Drama

Guera and Big Eyes are the flyest girls in the neighborhood proud of being known for their sexy antics and defined eyebrows. They will use their looks, dirty tricks and all they have to get the love of a man. As long as they don't find out they are both after the same man; Lazy, a man that has tricks and secrets of his own.

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APSCRC For Ever (mx) wrote: This is the best racing movie I have seen since tokoyo drift!

Private U (ru) wrote: Aside from the really bad acting, this B-movie was ok. LOL!

Sultan A (ca) wrote: It may contain some plausible performances from Hartnett and Byrne, but the film's unbelievably coincidental occurrences and complexly written script that's hard to follow leave it's viewers lost, rather than satisfied.

Ella F (es) wrote: Lets face it, if you've seen the TV series when you sit down and watch this, you're probably gonna be disappointed. No Giles! No Xander! No Willow! No scooby gang members AT ALL!! (unless you count Buffy herself of course). Plus yeah, the makers took what was almost definitely a good script (written by Joss Whedon - it just can't be rubbish) and sorta ruined it. BUT, if you watch this with no real knowledge of the genius of the TV show, it's probably not that bad.......Tv shows is way better though, get the DVD.

Evan K (kr) wrote: Turns a terrific book into a hokey comedy.

Greg W (ca) wrote: one of my fave period weepies

Chris H (ag) wrote: While on the surface it may seem like a mediocre generic 80's action film, the infusion of a rather interesting Sci-fi storyline elevates it to a must watch in the genre.

Noname (de) wrote: Surprisingly very good drama thriller movie starring Don Cheadle in the main role from movies like the Ocean trilogy and Hotel Rwanda. The story was good and engaging to follow. This flick reminds me much of "Bourne" in a way. Not quite the same action style tho but a decent tempo throughout the whole movie. Other famous faces are Jeff Daniels and Guy Pearce with good performances aswell. Enjoy