Hood Angels

Hood Angels


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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Hood Angels torrent reviews

Kai B (gb) wrote: Whether you are a fan of the Jersey Shore reality show or absolutely abhor it, you can find something to like in this film.

Rini N (ca) wrote: Second time I saw Kate Beckinsale performance as a depressed woman, she really nailed it

Graham G (it) wrote: Suspenseful story of a young boy desperate to play his part in fighting the Nazis during the 2nd world war. Well worth seeing.

John M (de) wrote: Very tight, visually cool, gets muddled a little bit.

Meghan V (nl) wrote: i thought this movie was really good dont have it

Alfia T (br) wrote: ????????????-???????????? ????. ???????? ?????? ??????? ?????? ? ?????? ???????????? ?????.

Jason T (au) wrote: This is just a little bit o sex and a whole lot of genius. It could not have worked without the perfect acting of the leads who assume their psychoses with verve, elan and love. It is not only a remarkable film for its uniqueness but extraordinary as a tender coming-of-age story for cutters and sadomasochists.

Callie M (jp) wrote: I bought this movie because Kiefer Sutherland is one of my favorite actors and I'd never heard of this movie but it was cheap so I thought I'd give it a try. My husband refusing to watch it with me because he thought it just looked dumb I went ahead and watched it without him and I will say DON'T EVER judge a movie by it's cover! This was one of the best, creative, thought out/well played psycological thrillers I've ever seen!! Had me hooked until the end. :)

Ricardo H (ru) wrote: Although this was a documentary, I found it very well done to the point that I felt like I was watching a movie, with a plot, dialogue, etc. I think it was because the interviews with the different boys moved from one subject to another but not jumping around. It was interesting to see the variety of opinions on the same subject, presented almost side by side. I did find an overwhelming sadness amongst all the characters, though, like they wanted a better life but somehow had given up on even dreaming about it. A lot of them seemed like they had given up but the only way to survive that was to make it appear like what they did didn't matter at all, it was just "work."Definitely recommend this movie!

Tanner M (jp) wrote: An ok sequel. The alien looks odd. The charecters swear to much. Also the movie is slow. Somehow with all thoughts flaws it still works. The ending is also very good.

Ruben A (jp) wrote: as i expected, it was a great horror film. linda blair plays her role very well as does the rest of the cast. it sucks seeing the other pledges get killed because they were likeable characters. this made me jump quite alot actually.& that almost never happens. the music is also really good. the suspense scenes are pretty suspenseful. i can imagine this being horrifying back in the day because its pretty scary. but it has downfalls.as mentioned, likeable characters get murdered.somewhere towards the middle, the plot drags for a couple minutes.& gore hounds might be dissapointed cause there is quite a lack of it. which is ok, this movie is scary enough to not even need it(=definitely worth a watch AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE!

Wes S (es) wrote: It's great to see the Gillman in action some more, but the story doesn't hold much to the first film, and many of the plot-elements are rehashes. It has a slow pace, and the characters are forgettable. The Gillman suit isn't as realistic looking but still fascinating to look at.

Eliabeth C (kr) wrote: 2 stars. An old horror movie that was supposed to be decent back in the day. Well that day has passed. I just couldn't get into it AND AGAIN, not scary.