Hood Life

Hood Life


Independent filmmaker Dwayne Brown presents a brutal glimpse of America's urban underbelly with his guerilla-style HOOD LIFE: THE UNCENSORED DOCUMENTARY. Set to a blazing hip-hop soundtrack, the hardhitting doc captures all the poverty, crime, and violence that permeate inner-city life with a collection of real-life street footage taken straight from the nation's toughest 'hoods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph N (gb) wrote: As of now, my favorite modern horror film.

clinton e (ru) wrote: The most goriest saw yet! It's traps are crazy good (carasel of death mainly) and it brought back the amazing twist ending that the 5th one was missing They have a story in this one, which is a huge step up for the franchise. Even though I'm a huge fan of the franchise, I can still admit yes they are probably made for money, but hey, they are entertaining! Definitely the best saw yet. I'm scared to watch the 7th one because I don't see how they can get gorier than this, but I'm going to suck it up!

Shirley d (ca) wrote: horrible, cheesy cheesy cheesy. they could have tried alot harder.

Steve M (br) wrote: Eccentric inventor and toymaker Robert Toulon (Feldman) and his teenaged daugther Alexandra (Keaton) recreate the secret formula that can bring inanimate objects to life, and they use it to revive some of the puppet's created by Robet's grand-uncle Andre Toulon--Blade, Pinhead, Jester, and Six-shooter. It's a good thing they do, because the sinister president Erica Sharpe (Angel) of Sharpe Toys has been selling demon-possessed toys which will come to life Christmas morning and kill millions of Americans, sacrificing their souls to the demonlord Bael (Falk) and elevating Erica to ruler of Earth. Only the Toulons and the magic puppets can stop them... if they survive long enough. "Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys" is one of the best movies to come out of the Sci-Fi Channel's original programming department. Yes, it's goofy and illogical and the special effects won't be winning any awards, but it's a fun and funny movie. Although the creator of both the Demonic Toys and the Puppet Master concepts, Richard Band, had no direct part in the creation of this film, the presence of an old-time Full Moon script-writer (C. Courtney Joyner) and a director who worked on a number of Full Moon features (Ted Nicolaou) the spirit of the original movies is alive and well in this one. In fact, it's better than much of what Band has been producing and directing lately. Corey Feldman in particular is great fun as the gruff grand-nephew and last male decendent of the Toulon line, and teenaged actress Danielle Keaton gives a nice performance as a cute and well-mannered kid who patiently puts up with the dad's weird nature. The father/daughter relationships in this movie is one of the things that makes it such an interesting film, particuarly when the Toulons are considered in the light of the relationship that Erica Sharpe must have had with her father. There's nothing deep here--like most films from the brain-trust that is/was the Full Moon gang, the emphasis is on gags, gimmicks and gore rather than characterization--but it's enough to make us interested in the characters, enough to make us care. If you're looking for an unusual movie to mark the Christmas season, "Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys" could be the one to reach for. There might be a few too many fart jokes and exploding eyeballs for grandma's sensibilities, but I think most kids will get a kick out of it. (This might make a good capstone for a "Puppet Master"/"Demonic Toys" film festival, too. Start off with "Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge", go to "Demonic Toys", and then wrap it up with this film.) Puppet Master Vs. Demonic ToysStarring: Corey Feldman, Danielle Keaton, Vanessa Angel, Silva Suvadova, Nikolai Sotirov, and Anton FalkDirector: Ted Nicolaou

Jennie R (ag) wrote: This was an interesting story. The premise of the film is one that has been used over & over again (it is similar to Saw minus the gore/torture), however, I found it more intriguing. Nine very different people in a room but only can survive. Prize: $5 million. That's it. Now human behaviors evolve. You watch as each character slowly comes apart. This is not a horror film but it sucks you in & keeps you there.

Tristan P (nl) wrote: An interesting behind the scenes on a movie that never came to pass.

Ruwani A (fr) wrote: one of my all time fav hindi movies. simply loved it.

Luke P (jp) wrote: Adolescent brother and sister assume adult roles when their parents both die, straying into forbidden territory in the process. Its subject matter is taboo and the whole story rather dark, but for me this has become a cult classic. It studies relationships, sexual awakening and psychological breakdown, all set against a gorgeously sparse London cityscape you will not recognise, that seems to sit outside of time. Great performances and tremendous ambience.

Mara B (ru) wrote: Natassia Kinsky and Charlotte Gainsbourgh are bright spots in this dark and disturbing saga. It was not difficult to understand what was happening in the story, but it was extremely hard to justify the actions. Seemingly arbitrary decisions that went against common sense made it difficult to become invested in the main character. A quite unsatisfying ending added to the disappointment. But with all that said, the movie's excellence in cinematography, music, acting, and direction made it hard to consider it a waste of time.

Glenn C (us) wrote: I grew up watching a lot of films but there are only a few that I look back on that really shaped and matured my understanding of cinema. The Telephone is one of those. It is a little indie movie starring Whoopi Goldberg and the entire movie is one woman, in her apartment... on the phone! That's it!! It became a notorious flop and Goldberg took its makers to court to try and stop its home video release (she lost). But I really struggle to understand how this can be considered a BAD movie... its not. I think its one of Whoopi's best performances and while some people find the subject to be boring, I find it fascinating. It needs to be seen several times to fully understand whats going on. Rip Torn directed this little lost gem and it deserves to be seen. I spent years trying to source a dvd copy and finally found it recently... Does anyone remember it?? It certainly must hold the record as one of the WORST poster/cover art movies of all time, I admit that!! lol

Stephen V (kr) wrote: I have no idea why critics hate this movie so much. The first half builds a great story (admittedly it is slow at times) and sets up the last half for non stop, extremely satisfying retribution. One of my favorites.

Paul N (fr) wrote: Blimey! So cheesey... Couldn't they afford booms in those days so the dialogue didn't sound like it was taken from a microphone in the next room? The acting was also spectacularly shocking throughout - the only person that looked remotely human was the hotel manager - but despite all this, it was a proper shlocker in the 80s tradition.

Noel K (ru) wrote: This was the second American musical that I saw as a kid on stage. The movie version has really good modern dance routines and a very dark dream sequence (surprising for a 1955 movie). This was R&H's first musical and defined a new genre of the American musical.

Wade H (gb) wrote: A little predictable, but still effective. The acting is mediocre, which is strange for De Niro and Grammer. But the action and plot were enjoyable for its generic plot.