A South African family comedy about three primary school girls and their obsessed mothers who share the same desire: for their girls to become Head Girl of their junior school. When things go badly for one of them, she becomes mean in her attempts to win, but after sacrificing the good qualities in her personality she finally learns what a true leader should be.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Afrikaans,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:tween girl,   afrikaans,  

Nadia van Heerden is a loving and ambitious orphan who dreams of becoming the head-girl of her school. Other girls have the same ambition but are not too worried about how they achieve it. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Igor A (nl) wrote: odlicen film so Philip Seymour Hoffman i Christopher Walken

Wirkola F (it) wrote: 6.1 de 5 estrellas :3

Julio S (kr) wrote: Took me 3 start-and-stops to finish this. And I'm home sick and bed so its not really like I had anything else to do...I'm not sure what this movie set out to accomplish. If it was indeed written with the help of the real Uschi based on her experiences; she doesnt paint a very good picture of herself. She's basically manipulative and uses her beauty to get what she wants. And then her big moment in the end when she realizes she's alone, she feels she wouldn't have done anything different. Well, fine - I wont weep for you. The movie just sort of drags along, nude scene after nude scene, Natalia Avelon's breasts must be in every scene. I felt I should have been seeing a Russ Meyer flick. But then again a Russ Meyer movie would have been FUN.I'll also never begin to understand how women think Keith and Mick are hot so that alone is a turnoff.

Supes S (mx) wrote: One of my fav classic movie of all time. Best part about it is the cheesy tone.

Aaron M (ru) wrote: If Vietnam war films are your niche, then this must be included in your catalogue. However, in terms of plot, theme, acting, and cinematography, there are many films that are superior - Platoon, Deer Hunter,Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Born on the Fourth of July....

Erik R (us) wrote: Rip Torn as a pirate made this worth a watch for sure. "Here's a sea ditty me mother taught me..."

Gregory W (ru) wrote: good in groovy sort of way

Paul D (ag) wrote: Impressive Brazilian western in both style and its social commentary, however fatally flawed being disjointed throughout.

Filipe C (us) wrote: Cautionary tale on personal responsibility made great by carefully crafted imagery and a phenomenal score. Too much exposition gets in the way of what is, for the most part, a very subtle and intelligent film. Still, there are many unforgettable scenes and, at its core, that's what cinema is all about. It's also a wonderful metaphor for today's state of world affairs.

Ja S (ag) wrote: Ne mozete da budete film noir fanatik a da ne volite ovo.

Era M (gb) wrote: Aunque Meryl Streep entrega de las mejores actuaciones de su carrera la pelicula es incapaz de lograrse conectar con el espectador, pasada la hora se siente pesada, aburrida y sin una direccion fija. Su segunda hora es mucho mejor y al final logra conectarse con el espectador y nos muestra una historia basada en el amor y arrepentimiento, desgraciadamente en su ultima media hora todo lo bien logrado se va directo al cao y regresan las exentricidades de Pakula.No imagino esta pelicula sin la excelente actuacion de Meryl que se apoya en su notable acento polaco y aleman, maravillosa.

John R (mx) wrote: 150409: Even with a Bird of Prey this film was a bit painful. I have watched the previous six films over the last several weeks. A three was the lowest rating and this film falls below that. A mite convoluted, a mite slow paced. In my opinion falls off track a couple times. 2.5 may seem a bit low but it's half of 5 if that counts for anything. Perhaps I'm being a mite nostalgic?

alan j (br) wrote: A great movie..interesting story and solid acting..WHAT SETS THIS MOVIE APART IS THE PACING..I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MOVIE MOVE QUICKER..VERY COOL CONCEPT!

Simon B (ru) wrote: All time favourite film!!!

Jayaseti P (ru) wrote: Terrible movie. Just terrible.