High school basketball is king in small-town Indiana, and the 1954 Hickory Huskers are all hope and no talent. But their new coach -- abrasive, unlikable Norman Dale -- whips the team into shape ... while also inciting controversy.

With a checkered past and a local drunk train a small town high school basketball team, a coach wants to become a top contender for the championship and Hollywood becomes one big booby trap. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vivian G (it) wrote: I liked this movie, I must say it was alot like that tv show Americas Best Dance Crew and the step up movies wich are one of my favorite movies.

Haydar G (ru) wrote: ok gzel olmasada gzeldi churchlli tanm? olduk biraz

Frances H (ca) wrote: Not a very pleasant or even absorbing film, but the message of the selfishness that fame can cause in those who achieve it is a true and thoughtful one.I liked the ending.

Anna L (de) wrote: Not bad but not great either.

Adrienne S (au) wrote: I had not expected much other than a heavily religious movie in this. As you probably already know, however, if it has Christian Bale in it, I have to own it. So I bought several of his movies recently. This being one of them. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that this movie was really quite good! It is the story of Mary and what it was like to be the mother in a situation where her son was being tortured, first internally and then externally. The relationship between mother and son was really touching and I cried when the mother cried for I knew I would never be able to handle it if my own son had to go through that. Yes it is a religious movie, but that is not the central message here. It is more about Mary and her plight. Very very good.

Farah R (mx) wrote: Election brings something's intriguing to the comedy genre as it's humor is dark. Both Witherspoon and Broderick preformed wonderfully and kudos to the scriptwriter because that was one witty story.

butch h (fr) wrote: Spring 1936, a young unemployed communist, David, leaves his hometown Liverpool to join the fight against fascism in Spain. He joins an international group of Militia-men and women, the POUM. After being wounded he goes to Barcelona, where he decides to join another group of fighters. They remain in Barcelona and end up fighting other anti-fascist groups. David is disappointed and decides to go back to his old band.

Adrian Z (ca) wrote: Wallace and her child are ensnared in a car without gas at a remote homestead by a rabid St. Bernard. Simple premise from Stephen King's novel, but executed well enough to qualify as a genuinely frightful movie - one of those rare cases where horror can be extracted from simplicity. despite the contextual plot of a rocky marriage being nothing special. Wallace puts in a strong performance as a fragile woman with contrasting strong motherly instincts, but remarkably, the dog playing Cujo is also terrific.

Cory T (jp) wrote: 'Dracula: Prince of Darkness' opens with an iris-shaped recap of the previous film and this is arguably the most fearsome, canny and opulently mounted of the two. Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, remnants of vampirism are being exterminated at an exponential rate and a young, matronly woman on a wooden gurney is brought to a pyre to be staked in order to end the bloodthirsty curse. In his sophisticated, doom-laden manner, Fisher is commenting on the fervent mentality of religious superstition and he mythologizes Carlsbad into a den of iniquity. Like Godot, Dracula's presence overshadows the grim first-half where he is spoken about long before his reappearance. Once Lee is resurrected around the 50-minute mark, he is a churlish host to his dinner guests and aside from some guttural hisses, he doesn't speak any baronial dialogue. Similar to a roving panther, Lee is animalistic and Machiavellian. Although Peter Cushing's Van Helsing is truant from his continuation, his absence doesn't dwindle the pulse-pounding effect. James Bernard's symphonic score is noteworthy and the gliding shots through the castle's corridors enkindle the slow-burn intensity inch by inch. The ritualistic blood-draining scene is pretty risqu for the era and the stop-motion, misty revival in Dracula's crypt is flawless. This is the regal watermark for which Hammer Studios measures their output.

Craig H (ru) wrote: This really is a film for everyone and much much better than Space Jam. Great cast but over way too soon for my liking.

Johnny F (us) wrote: King of the monster films... Dated as it is, simply an outstanding presentation. Check out the original Japanese version to enjoy the story as presented before the "Americanization"