"Umut" is the story of an illiterate man and his family, whose existence depends on his income as a horse cab driver. When one of his horses is killed by an automobile, and when it is clear that neither justice nor charity will prevail, the man, played by Güney, begins a slow slide into despair. On the advice of a local holy man, and fuelled by an indefatigable optimism, he sets out into the desert in quest of a mythical lost treasure, slipping further and further into that final, ineluctable moment where hope itself becomes the last terrible delusion.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:treasure,   horse,   river,  

"Umut" is the story of an illiterate man and his family, whose existence depends on his income as a horse cab driver. When one of his horses is killed by an automobile, and when it is clear... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abby T (gb) wrote: If you loved the Jackass movies, then you'll more than enjoy this film. I had a lot of hard laughs, and then the point where I couldn't breathe. The plot is a nice touch that made it more interesting, and it's cause and effect, the people had no idea they were filmed, just like in Jackass. I recommend to anyone who loved the Jackass films.

Kim R (gb) wrote: Got sucked into watching this with my husband ;) He said this miniseries is one of the more historically accurate ones he's seen (He can't stand when movies aren't Lol ;) Not much held back in this movie..considering it was aired on HBO it's Packed with action and very graphic. Couldn't help but feel for marines of that generation and all they had to go through. There are a couple of very emotional scenes when a marine is sent home to assimilate back into civilian life. One where a marines father stands outside his bedroom door concerned because he can hear his son having nightmares, no doubt about war. I highly recommend this miniseries.

Ana B (jp) wrote: French romantic comedy set in the late 50's. Rose Pamphyle is a 21 year old girl, daughter of a village grumpy businessman; determined not to marry the son of the local mechanic she travels to Lysieux and applies for a job as a secretary in a small insurance firm where the boss, Louis Echard notices how fast she can type despite her lack of secretarial skills. Highly driven and emotionally damaged Louis decides to take a chance on her and trains her for typing competitions. Along the way feelings for each other start to surface interfering with the Rose's progress.This is a movie that has it all, beautiful locations, glossy colours, well researched sceneries and costumes and a relatively rare subject: typing competitions which apparently were extremely popular at the time. It has good lead actors and a director that clearly believed in the story he was making. Some parts of the film remind us of a sports movie, not only because typing was almost a sport but also because of the strong sense of rivalry between participants. The conception of this film has a solid Hollywood influence but without the obvious clichs that can be a little annoying sometimes, so we get quality storytelling but without a moral lesson.It is good fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

ScubaSteve Walter M (fr) wrote: Love the 70's feel as a crime-thriller TV show. Animation is spectacular that it comes close to Japanese animated movies.

Lanky Man P (gb) wrote: This wasn't too terrible. If you're a fan of Paranormal Activity, you'll be a fan of Paranormal Entity.

Abishai S (ru) wrote: A very good film, though the added elements are not needed, mind you.

Frisby 2 (gb) wrote: It does have extremely creepy & disturbing moments & visuals, & has some interesting characters, but the film is just slow, & then towards the ending it gets predictable. Snoop Dogg is not a bad actor, & he plays his role just fine, but even he & the other cast members can't save the film from being rather silly & slow. As for the blood & gore, there's plenty of it, but the majority of it relies on maggots & tons of gore that just grosses out more than scares.

F D (jp) wrote: I liked it a lot. To me this movie was a sort of noir movie... More than a pure western. Soldiers were the bad guys, since invaded the land of native Americans or not?

Aren B (mx) wrote: One of Kurosawa's weakest films but a good film nonetheless. The paranoia and obsession of Mifune's Nakajima is just as timely nowadays in our post-9/11 world as it was in post-war Japan.

Kevin M W (es) wrote: More Hollywood "Arabian" nonsense, this time with Rock (born in Illinois) Hudson and Piper (born in Michigan) Laurie as a son and a daughter respectively of the endless shifting sands of the desert, where the blessings of Allah, the careless hand of Fate, and the fickle temptations of the heart weave their spell of awe and magic! There's horse chases, harem dancing (oolala!), and some borrowing of ye olde Arthurian legend here, and there's some fun too, despite the long ears on this donkey.