Hope for Love

Hope for Love

A young woman is faced with a tough decision to stay with her husband and father of her son who is cheating on her. She takes a vacation where she runs into an old flame and begins to rekindle their chemistry. Torn between the two, she intends to make a decision best for her son.

Deeply scarred after discovering her husband's infidelity, Theresa escapes to New Orleans for a few days to clear her head. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hope for Love torrent reviews

Wendel J (it) wrote: No tenho muito a dizer sobre esse filme, s que lindo... LINDO... LINDO! E interessante, finalmente um filme que mostra como era o Japo na 2 Guerra Mundial.

Ben H (jp) wrote: Jump-rope + dysfunctional + hostages = a rare gem

Isaias D (kr) wrote: Impeccable performances, Great directing, funny and smart.

Sean S (us) wrote: It is Paz Vega that is why. But even she could not save this film which was so bad, well so bad it was almost good but did not quite make that turn around the bend.

Rajan K (nl) wrote: Like a soft core porn only softer.

isaac c (br) wrote: Not that great, but it was ok

Jesse M (nl) wrote: Amazing documentary, showing the victory of some amazing souls. Something not mentioned in the film is that many of the heroic Weather underground and those interviewed in this film were Jews, including Mark Rudd and Naomi Jaffe. Ted Gold was Jewish as well. Bernadine Dohrn had a Jewish father. So for all the so called 'Revolutionaries and Activist' today currently calling the Jews the 'Illuminati', blaming U.S imperialism on the Jews, saying the Jews run America and want to control the world, please WATCH THIS FILM and learn that historically some of the bravest freedom fighter revolutionaries of all time were Jews! It kills me when I see Leftists falling right into the Anti-Semitic mouse traps that the FBI has planted for them, for the sole reason of decreasing a chance that such a beautiful group like the Weather underground would rise up again.

Loreno V (au) wrote: 80%? In what way did this movie deserve an 80? That's even higher than FORREST GUMP!!! Anyways, to the review!The acting was bad, save for Anders Hove as Radu. He gives an equally creepy and cool vibe the whole movie. A truly menacing villain. That being said, thestory was pretty predicatable and largely clichd. There is the clich old woman telling the story and warning the protagonists to leave or die. But, overall the movie is a reasonably entertaining horror film. Special effects (for the time) and acting by Anders Hove were top notch but the movie is hampered by bad storytelling, a non-stop barrage of clichs and, for the most part, bad acting. Overall, meh.

Anthony J (br) wrote: Sometimes a great notion is Paul Newman's sophomore directing effort. This film occasionaly wanders from the novel from time to time. Newman takes full advantage of the beautifull Oregon locations and it really shows in the final product of the Shout! blu-ray edition. The scene near end with Newman and his brother Richard Jaekel is unforgettable. Henry Fonda is also fun to watch as the hard headed Patriarch.

Robert T (au) wrote: This is the best Movie to deal with teenage angst that you'll see in your lifetime. James Dean epitomises the disaffected youth, though this is American it's the same as it is anywhere, Dean sizzles with coolness rarely seen today.I rate this as Dean's greatest performance well worth watching over and over again.

Rohan G (ag) wrote: This is a great film.... It's a different Van Damme movie but it's great.