Hope Springs

Hope Springs

After thirty years of marriage, a middle-aged couple attends an intense, week-long counseling session to work on their relationship.

Kay and Arnold are a dear couple. But their marriage experiences decade, Kay want to have new, strange things for their life so she makes a important decision. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rangan R (kr) wrote: To redefine the life and to discover the love.From the British director of 'Fish Tank' fame, this is another a young struggling girl's story. Being brought up in a low income and abusive family, and because of that trying to redefine the life. Not about heading the wrong way like drugs and other related stuffs. So this is the story of an older teen girl named Star who flees the home to find her new life and love. It all begins when she meets a youngster in a supermarket and since then she followed him everywhere. Actually the film focused to tell a gang of youth who are door to door magazine subscription dealers. They travel all over the country and have all kinds of enjoyment.In order to stay in the group, Star has to prove her worth. She reserves her spot, but working on her own way. I always feared the narration might go to take a nasty twist. There came a couple scenes near to that, but compromised not to change the mood of the storytelling. Because it seems the writer was interested to reveal a girl try to achieve two goals. After coming to know one of it was staged, how she contemplates the other one crafted carefully. Not to forget, her fate, the future depends on it, since she's not well qualified to go out in the world to do whatever she wants.So I think it was a decent film with a decent message. If you know the director, you would know what her films talk about. Unlike 'Fish Tank', this is about an American girl. The influence of lifestyle, culture, almost everything related to youngsters covered. The lead actress was good. It was not Shia Labeouf's film, but in a supporting role, he did his best. There are a few others I knew, but they did not get big part. The only issue with it was the length. If you are okay with it, especially for a slow drama, then the film is enjoyable. 'American Honey' is like 'American Money', one of the ways people try to make their 'American Dream' come to true. This film is exclusively for drama genre fans.7/10

Felicia L (es) wrote: Another romantic and heart throbbing drama after the "Before" trilogy. Girls, don't miss it.

Brian P (br) wrote: Waste of TIME!! Very Weak movie, DO NOT WATCH, if you do end up watching it, side effects may include: Suicide, murder ramapages, road ramapage, any kinds of ways of harming yourself, and many others...

Paul W (ca) wrote: Love the first one, fond memories of new years eve watching with the old man, this one for me is all the better for m. Caine, but I'm biased as I'm a fan!

kkl10 a (it) wrote: Andrei Rublev (1966) - 9,5Masterpiece from Tarkovsky.Period film set in the Middle Age period loosely based on the life of the artist referenced by the title, one of the most important painters to ever live in Russia. This film is dense and quite nuanced, probably unfair for me to describe its essence in few words because I feel I still haven't dissected all its substance, I want to see it again soon. Very briefly, it seems an essay about the roles and relationship of Art and Faith in that particular socio-religious construct, about the character of a true artist and his endurances to remain truthful to oneself no matter what happens in one's life, the implications and symbolisms can be extrapolated to a personal and universal scale. Unlike "Solaris" and "Stalker", "Andrei Rublev" does never feel like it's dragging its pace, there's always something happening worthy of attention so, fortunately, no unnecessary torture. Thank to this and the cinematic accomplishment I feel easily emerged in this film, the other 2 are somewhat delicate and fragile in this aspect.There's just one thing that leaves me cold, I miss some emotional engagement, this aspect very much contributes to the charm and appeal of a work of cinema at least for me. But Tarkovsky works aren't gifted with appreciable degree of sentimentalism (probably judged unnecessary in light of the director premisses) there seems to be a barrier separating the viewer from the characters preventing us from predicting rich/profound emotional cores and relations, his films are relatively cold, emotionally austere and distant holding the viewer in a perspective where it's easier to critically analyse the events than to feel like one is part of that world and is experiencing the human interactions in first hand. The acting is competent but not very deep. Can't really critique but it's very apparent to me in "Andrei Rublev", there are several opportunities for potential development of a character or group of characters emotional canvas, but just when this seems to happen or is about to, there's a shift of attention to another subject. Seems like this is inherent to Tarkovsky cinematic language and I noticed this on his previous 2 works as well, not distracting per se, just a particularity of Tarkovksy intellectual stance that affects me in his movies and can either bore or cause fascination or just make me feel emotionally unsatisfied, depending on the movie. Very noticeable when comparing "Andrei Rublev" and Bergman's "The Seventh Seal", a film it shares substantial thematic gist with. Bergman has great generosity of feeling and emotion without becoming cheesy but Tarkovsky in contrast seems distant, almost inert.This is one of those things that could leave a lot of people bored or unimpressed with "Andrei Rublev", but paying attention to the intellectual nuance and great cinematic artistry at display the reward more than overcomes the lack of emotion and fully justifies the movie as it is. This Russian director makes very personal cinema, he doesn't flash the juice in our face we have to look for it, otherwise it's hard to figure out what makes his movies singular."Andrei Rublev" is technically impeccable, which is amazing considering the difficulty and complexity of moving forward all the logistical resource needed to lift a movie of this scale. Camera and cinematography work are top notch and I already have an idea of Tarkovsky style, the black levels are quite poor but I still like the picture very much, the sound work has the hallmark of Tarkovsky as well, the voices up in the mix to highlight the dialogues a peculiarity that requires just a bit of familiarization, the scenarios are commendable and contribute to the epic scale of the movie. Everything is so well crafted and directed that despite Tarkovsky tendency to put me in a distant and analytical position, I feel engaged in that believable and authentic world as if in a dream. Without a doubt a major work of cinema. I love it and highly recommend!

Dylan P (gb) wrote: A sweeping epic, beautiful and breathtaking. Magnificent music and untouchable cinematography, rich dialogue and a satisfying storyline, high level acting from Leslie Winkle, Olivia de Havilland and Hattie McDaniel-and obviously Vivien Leigh (playing a fascinatingly complex character) and the superb Clark Gable as one of the greatest characters of all time. An essential, magnificent epic of cinema history.

Samantha A (ag) wrote: Terrible movie! Same story! So predictable

Austin G (nl) wrote: A truly delightful movie.

Arslan K (au) wrote: I think the story got much better then the 1st one and it lost that confusing bit of it. Underworld movies aren't meant to be taken as classics or masterpiece they are simply fun entertainment and that's why I liked these.