Hor taew tak

Hor taew tak

Taew, Cartoon, Mot-dum and Songkram are four aging-yet-still-outrageous katoey (drag queens) who run a boarding house for boys in provincial Thailand. After helping to cover up the ...

Taew, Cartoon, Mot-dum and Songkram are four aging-yet-still-outrageous katoey (drag queens) who run a boarding house for boys in provincial Thailand. After helping to cover up the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (it) wrote: I am really sad that most of the Westerners will never have a chance to see some of the Chinese movies like this one... So Young (simplified Chinese: ) is a Chinese drama directed by the gorgeous Zhao Wei and it is based on the best-selling novel To Our Youth that is Fading Away by Xin Yiwu. The film is Zhao's directorial debut, and she showed us some exceptional talent and maturity. She is already the most famous actress and pop-singer in China and now showed us that she can be a successful director with ease. In addition to the novel, the film was also based in part by Zhao's own personal college experience in the 1990s. Everything about this movie was done "by the book" but with style which is very poetic, nostalgic and smooth like the finest silk! No wonder this movie has become a major success at the Chinese box office, grossing over 700 million yuan (US$115 million). Xin Yiwu, author of the novel, has mentioned that Zhao Wei was actually her choice to play the lead character of "Zheng Wei". However, Zhao declined the offer, and opted to direct the film choosing to cast newcomers with the exception of Mark Chao and Han Geng. And some of those newcomers were such talents that I believe that soon we will all know the name of Yang Zishan, who played the lead female character Zheng Wei. Zhao stated, "They're very green and new. Sometimes they even lack common sense. But I like working with them because they're down-to-earth...What they lack in experience, they replace with enthusiasm." And the enthusiasm was catching the audience through the events of love, disappointment and hope. The first hour and a half could be the best Chinese youth movie but the last part was a little bit rushed and fabricated for a final closing of the story... still, it is an amazing work of art with outstanding story, cast and directorship! Do not miss this one...

Facebook U (it) wrote: Ben Affleck makes a good psychopath. The film takes the view point of a new hire, not too smart, so we get the superficiality of it. It goes well, then less so, then more criminaly. The film has its values, but it appears all rather fake.

Aaron G (nl) wrote: "I'm going to die." He dies. The end. Beautiful animation, though.

Tiffany L (jp) wrote: This movie is hilarious lol i love it

Chris D (fr) wrote: looks pretty cool for a "bollywood" film.

Yuri B (gb) wrote: Something about Hugh Grant... always seemed to enjoy his performances.

Mandela W (mx) wrote: Alfred Hitchcock is one of the most legendary and arguably the greatest director in cinematic history. His films are highly revered in Hollywood and the film community in general and his directing skills are being studied to this day in different colleges and places that teach film. Vertigo was the first Hitchcock film I ever saw then came Rear Window. I finally after many years got around to watch his iconic Psycho film. Psycho is the most classic of horror films one can come across. Hitchcock changed the game once again with this 1960 flick. Marion Crane is a real estate agent who is in quite the predicament as she cannot marry her boyfriend who has serious debts to pay. Marion decides one day to steal a $40,000 payment left at her job and she flees. During her travel out of Phoenix, Arizona she is forced to make a stop for the night at the mysterious Bates Motel where she meets Norman Bates the owner of the place. Norman begins explaining very unusual stories about his mother, the hotel and even displays some disturbing behavior. The movie becomes a suspenseful thriller that proved to be one of the first real slasher pics. I must first point out the truly great and timeless film score. It's so memorable and has been referred to in pop culture ever since. Janet Leigh is pretty damn good here. She plays such a sneaky woman who gets in over her head. you at first feel for her but then as time goes on you see that she may have very well deserved to die. Anthony Perkins is spectacular as Norman Bates. This was such an amazing performance as a truly disturbed man/momma's boy. his facial expressions to his manner of movement and behavior was top notch and just awe inspiring to watchWhat Alfred Hitchcock does here is incredible. He really sets the mood tension and atmosphere with not only the music but with ominous signs. this was one of the first really spooky films. the shower scene is pretty surreal to watch. such a classic moment in cinema and was one of the original bloody moments in movies. I can definitely tell back then that seeing that kind of violence was new and shocking to audiences. Hitchcock took a real chance with that and it paid off. might have been a little overly dramatic but still pretty awesome to witness. it's also a really shocking twist in the storythe writing is phenomenal. lots of crazy surprises happen here. Classic is still a classic. you can really pick a part and study many scenes in here. the ending is a bit overdramatic as well but the point was that Hitchcock was looking to introduce a new brand of fear in the world of cinema and he accomplished that. at the time I can imagine it being quite overwhelming to watch. Psycho is a must see for true film fans anywhere.

Nathan A (ag) wrote: I remember the first time I'd ever seen SubUrbia, it was late one night on HBO. After seeing it I felt I had to watch again as soon as possible. So I went to my local video store to rent it, only problem is I found out this movie isn't on dvd, and it's still not on dvd. In disgust I just went home said oh well. That next weekend I turned to HBO again just to see what was on and behold, they were playing this movie again. This time I fully connected with characters unlike the first time around. I also remember first veiwing of this movie and I was highly displeased with ending, but with second viewing the ending made so much more sense. SubUrbia deals with a group of friends in their early 20's. The main character is Jeff played by Giovanni Ribisi, if your a fan of Ribisi at all and you haven't seen this your missing out on his greatest performance. Jeff to me is the character I relate to most on screen, we share alot of the same thoughts and ideas. He is a very brilliant guy but at the same time he very flawed. He makes mistakes but understands that's what life is about, only learning from them can be different for certain individuals. Jeff is likeable and honest, but is unsure about his future and is at odds with society. He doesn't like how most people think or how they blindly live their sometimes meaningless lives. There's not enough people that think outside the box, thats one thing me and Jeff highly agree on. He is a very complexed character but that's what makes him the most interesting to me. This movie always gives a feeling that I'm watching real life as it's lived. Suburbia isn't always a happy story, it has it's funny moments but overall it's what life can throw at you, which isn't always fun. It's real people in real situations, or thats the way I see it. I've heard some people have been deeply affected by this film, I'm one of these people. The movie has gotten alot of mixed reviews over the years but I think thats because the power of this film can't be experience in one setting. This film more powerful with more viewings. I'm glad that people are know realizing that. I'm still waiting for the day that this is released on dvd, it's easily one of the top ten films I've seen in my lifetime. Not very many films capture what's displayed here, an everlasting impression of what youth in america is like today and wanting it all but not always knowing how to get there. Some of the message here might get lost, that's why you have see it more than once. Reality isn't always clear the first time you experience something.

Ryan V (gb) wrote: 1950s style high jinks ensue, and its moderately entertaining.

Phillie E (au) wrote: I like Anthony Hopkins, moreso than I like Nixon.

Sam C (kr) wrote: A really good interpretation of history about the son of man.

gary t (it) wrote: wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch.....its got a good cast of actors/actressess thorughout this movie....i think that paul fix, mike mazurki, lauren bacall, james hong, john wayne, joy kim, george chandler, anita ekberg, berry kroger play good roles/parts throughout this movie.....i think that the director of this adventure/drama/western movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie....i think that this is a good western movie 2 watch its got a good cast thorughout this movie....i think that john wayne is really good throughout this movie

Anh H (br) wrote: It's not the best comedy out there, but kinda heartwarming. I never knew bird watching would be taken so seriously. I admire everyone with passion for whatever they do.