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Isaac H (mx) wrote: A tense, tight science-fiction thriller whose impact is undone slightly by obnoxious found-footage aspects and off-kilter pacing.

Jagadish B (ru) wrote: Great movie...telugu Industry needs more movies like this...

Daniel H (ag) wrote: It's very cheesy throughout, but there are some good one-liners here and there.

Marcus W (ru) wrote: There's a part of me that wants to see this out of curiosity, but the other 98.7% is screaming so loudly I can't hear it.

TTT C (de) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up A delightful movie.

Jesse B (it) wrote: one of Goddards difficult films to watch..His Whispering Narrative in this..eeeeekkkk, Didn't bother me at all in Alphaville but man oh man in this film...wow.

Andrew W (de) wrote: So much better then the live action Resident Evil

Craig T (fr) wrote: A quality low budget film desperate to match Tarantino in every possible way. Doesn't quite manage it, but it gets close enough to be worth a watch.

Leon B (ru) wrote: Review:I wasn't a big fan of this movie, mainly because Ed Skrein is not in the same calibre as Jason Statham and the whole Transporter concept went straight out of the window really quickly. The movie is basically about a prostitute, Anna (Loan Chabanol), who seeks revenge against a Russian kingpin with her trusty sidekicks. She uses Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) to achieve her goal, by kidnapping his father Frank Martin (Ray Stevenson) but they have to go through the Russian Kingpins henchmen before crushing his operation. Personally, I wasn't that impressed with the action scenes because they seemed a bit too, timed to perfection. The storyline also was a bit weak but I liked Stevenson, who brought some humour to the project. Ed Skrein hasn't got the "hard man" persona like Statham, who suited the role as the original Frank Martin, so I doubt that this franchise has taken a turn for the better. In terms of a straight out action movie, the movie is watchable and the chemistry between father and son, is quite good but I personally don't think that Skrein was the right choice for the role. Average!Round-Up:Because of the popularity of the original franchise starring Jason Statham, this movie was bound to make a profit at the box office but I'm not sure that the next movie will. Now that people have seen Ed Skreins interpretation of Frank Martin, like Jeremy Renner as Bourne, I'm sure they will be begging for Statham to come back, just like Matt Damon has. If they carry on with Skrein, they really need to pull of a decent storyline, we're he is actually transporting. Anyway, this movie was directed by Camille Delamarre, 36, who also brought you Brick Mansions, starring Paul Walker. You can definitely tell that he was more interested in the action side of this movie, than the storyline and there wasn't much depth to the characters, so I wasn't that bothered if they were dead or alive. As I didn't have high expectations for this film, I wasn't that disappointed but it's a shame to see a decent franchise go in the wrong direction.Budget: $25millionWorldwide Gross: $73millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their action/crime/thrillers starring Ed Skrein, Ray Stevenson, Loan Chabanol, Gabriella Wright and Tatiana Pajkovic. 3/10