Horas de luz

Horas de luz

A prisoner is accused of several murders.

A prisoner is accused of several murders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonard D (us) wrote: Thor has its moments, but is strained by the bland human characters, the tie into The Avengers, and half of the humor is just stale! I can't see Natalie Portman as any other characters, because I believe that she hurt her reputation with the Star Wars prequels!Don't even get me started on her friend Darcy! Kat Denning's is very sexy, I'll admit, but that's it! Her comedy sucks, and she knows it!As for Chris Hemsworth? He's not bad as the hero and protagonist Thor! I give this feature high props for that! But for the rest of the film? It had potential, but was nearly squandered by lame jokes and a mediocre storyline. Hey, one other good thing we earned from this was Loki, right!?

RC M (gb) wrote: Remeber the great old sci/fi comedy NIGHT of th COMET? Well,this is a lousy rehash of that. Plain stupid. There are BAD movies...and there are stupid,lousy cheapjack ripoffs. This falls into the later catagory. Not worth your time....and that's coming from a person who likes drek!

Tim K (nl) wrote: WHY??? they keep on trying to bring this back to life. Pleas just stick to the original it was great. The only thing that was good about this was that its better than Tarzan and Jane. Thats it really, just garbage throughout.

Farah R (au) wrote: Greatly enjoyable with superb performances. Crimson Tide is a very entertaining action thriller.

Marco A (ag) wrote: my favorite Baldwin film, Leigh and Ward all did great in the violent and funny as hell in this little known film....

Yellow Jacket (br) wrote: Has its fair share of problems, but portrays a good message with a likeable cast.

Dan F (kr) wrote: The best Vietnam movie in my opinion. It didn't get much press due to Deer Hunter and Coming Home. I saw this right before going to boot camp at Paris Island in 78.

Gene R (it) wrote: A great movie - Gene Tierney nevef more beautiful. And she plays a 'evil' person indeed - delicious. One of my cheesy favorites!!

Bobby L (nl) wrote: Muck is an absolute mess of a horror film. Correction, Muck is an absolute mess of a film in general. It's difficult to even begin how to describe it. One bright spot was Stephanie Danielson, who was far more convincing in her role than the rest of the cast. Unfortunately, that is pretty much the only bright spot. 1/2 a star only because I can't rate it a 0.