Hormigas en la boca

Hormigas en la boca

Hormigas en la Boca follows Martin from a 10 year stint in a Spanish prison for robbery to pre-Castro Cuba to recover the loot from his ex-girlfriend. While their he runs afoul of Navarro, ...

Hormigas en la Boca follows Martin from a 10 year stint in a Spanish prison for robbery to pre-Castro Cuba to recover the loot from his ex-girlfriend. While their he runs afoul of Navarro, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allison D (de) wrote: sounds kind of like that boring sofia coppola film

James B (ca) wrote: B-rate movie at it's worse.

Meleki S (us) wrote: BORING! Bad animation bad story. Don't waste your time.

Sana A (mx) wrote: pointless but ohh well...got 2 c srk

Ben S (de) wrote: Though you can only see this movie if Crispin Glover brings it to your town, he has no plans to release it on DVD until the next two sequels have been toured in theaters. Even then, it is a maybe. What is it? is a fascinatingly disjointed "day in the life" sort of story of a mentally handicapped man. You weave in and out of his and other characters' inner sanctum, which is portrayed in astoundingly dark and vidid ways. The thematic and metaphorical visuals almost tell more of the story than the actors do. The majority of the cast is mentally handicapped, and in this Crispin has managed to allow his cast to avoid criticism. Who can say that these actors are not fully convinced that they are who they are portraying? This experimental masterpiece is elusive and intensely original.

Sarah F (nl) wrote: i would like to see this

Jonny P (es) wrote: "If a Man Answers" is a classic story with witty dialogue and lots of humor... but the story is much better suited for the stage as this movie does not do it justice. The acting is fine and the script is great, but the addition of fog horn sound effects, narration over unnecessary cartoon depictions, and other annoying elements kill the comedy. This film screams "overly-cheesy 1960's comedy" and, in spite of great performances by Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin, it is tough to enjoy the story at times. The twists (particularly the book and the arrival of Robert Swan) are deliciously clever and, while the story does not go where you expect, it finds the perfect ending. For a comedy, the characters are rather deep and the situations really strike a chord with relationship conflicts that we have all faced. I believe that it is easy to enjoy this story because we can all relate to it in one way or another. I absolutely recommend seeing "If a Man Answers"... on stage rather than on the screen.

Zach E (es) wrote: Ground breaking silent era film. The excellent use of montage communicates the inner feelings of the characters, without having to resort to intertitles. The subject matter is also intense, or at least it was for the time.

Nolan M (ca) wrote: A great dramatic movie that is a classic.

Joey S (jp) wrote: Idea better than actual movie . Watchable coulda been awesome

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