This visually arresting chiller concerns a group of runaway teens that escape from a drug rehab and encounter demonic forces in a rural farmhouse.

This visually arresting chiller concerns a group of runaway teens that escape from a drug rehab and encounter demonic forces in a rural farmhouse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd S (us) wrote: Coming of Age films are among my favorite types of movies, but if you're a fan of the genre, you know there are often a lot of strange stories out there, perhaps none stranger than White Rabbit. This film follows Harlon Mckay (Nick Krause), who is a very strange kid, one that is often bullied. Harlon is very easily influenced by other people, as is evident by the scenes with his co-stars. When he's with his best friend, whose immature, they do kid things, and when he meets a bad girl, who doesn't stay in on place very long, Harlon gets into some trouble himself. There's no doubt that Harlon is strange, but so are the circumstances surrounding him. Newcomer Nick Krause plays the troubled lead and he really was terrific. In ninety minutes, this kid must of changed personalities a dozen times, and all of them were tremendous. White Rabbit is very weird, a little creepy, and nothing special until a shocking ending changes everything. Sometimes how you see a film can be changed by an ending that just blows the mind and answers a million questions at once. That is what happens here, and that is the only reason I recommend watching this film. As I've been saying, it's really strange and some parts are hard to sit through, but in the end, you'll be left thinking about what you just saw and wondering about each and every scene. Honestly, it's the kind of film you really need to see more than once if you're hoping to catch everything.

JY S (kr) wrote: Syamsul Yusof's KL Gangster is straight to the point and straight to the action.At just under 80 minutes, the plot details, while simplistic, come and go like there's no tomorrow. Gangsters constantly trying to take each other down passes as a good summary for this picture.While there is emphasis on family and the like, it tends to get overwhelmed with the constant bickering of characters and the action that follows. Speaking of the action, the brawls are laced with martial arts style combat that create some high entertainment value.The acting is up and down. Aaron Aziz is a tad monotone, while the likes of Sofi Jikan and director Syamsul Yusof are the exact opposite. Fortunately, they all make up for it with their fights.KL Gangster succeeds in what it wants to be. It just isn't enough to be considered great.

Owen R (au) wrote: It was an ok film. Shows you the gritty underworld of India. Acting and directing were good. The story was not that interesting and the ending was a little to creepy to be believable.

Kirk E (ag) wrote: "The Shining" set on a corn farm. Not nearly as scary as the implications of high-fructose corn syrup or ethanol subsidies.

Eric R (ru) wrote: That Evening Sun tells the story of Abner Meecham, an 80 year old man, whom leaves his nursing home and returns to his far to find that his son has been leasing it too an old enemy of his, Lonzo Choat. Meecham is a tough old man; he wants his land back, and what unfolds is a testament of wills between these two men. The film is well acted all around starting with Hal Holbrook as Abner Meecham. Meecham is an old school individual, whom is strong in his ways and Holbrook does a great job at capturing his strong will yet fragile frame. The visual design is very effective in this film with some unique and interesting compositions which really help to build tension at parts and you know.. tell the story. Its a strong story, and as the film progresses the viewer begins to understand exactly why Abner cares so much about his farm. It all unfolds very naturally.

Markkyle R (us) wrote: Hitman agent 47 is way better than this one

Leesa M (ru) wrote: I think people are harder on this then they need to be. It was made to be an Oscar winning movie. They knew it would cater to mostly teenagers. However, I do enjoy it. It's a movie that doesn't provoke much though and sometimes it's nice to just sit, watch a movie and enjoy without delving too deep into the psyche. Beautoiful scenery definitely helps. I enjoy it enough to rewatch it.

Dirk D (jp) wrote: Very, Very Disturbing..I could not handle watching it but still a good film.

Wahida K (nl) wrote: One of the last great Movies of Karisma I watched before I threw her in the "No Thanks to Bollywood New Trash Movies" section. Plot::Zubeidaa is a story of a young man Riyaz's (Rajit Kapur) quest to recover the memory of his mother Zubeidaa (Karisma Kapoor), a mother he never knew. Brought up by his grandmother from the age of three, all knowledge of his mother was kept away from him. Troubled by the scant knowledge he has of his mother, Riyaz sets about trying to piece together her life from the memories of those who knew her. Extremely talented and beautiful, Zubeidaa is the only daughter of Suleman Seth (Amrish Puri), a film producer in Mumbai. Zubeidaa's dreams and aspirations are never on her father's priority list.Zubeidaa's happiness more often than not, falls victim to her father's completely unjustified domination over her life. Suleman Seth is instrumental in cutting short her burning ambition of becoming a film actress. Suleman Seth is also responsible for giving Zubeidaa the biggest jolt of her life by forcibly getting her married to a boy whom she does not even know properly, leave alone liking him. The repurcussions of this were severe and as far as Zubeidaa is concerned the mental agony born out of this forced wedlock appears almost intolerable.Behind every dark cloud lies a silver lining, they say and this is exactly what happens in Zubeidaa's life. Her life takes a turn for the better and life a whiff of fresh air, romance makes unexpected entrance in her life in the form of Maharaja Vijayendra Singh (Manoj Bajpai). Sparks fly and both fall head over heels in love but this so-called path of love is not devoid of social thorns.

Jeannine O (jp) wrote: One of those movies freshman year of high school me loved, then I grew up and learned better.

Ben S (it) wrote: The utter definition of hungarian cinema. Dark, brooding, and psychologically difficult. This movie is a stylistic and thematic combination of cassavetes, and tarkovsky. It is not only one of the greatest movies, (along with many other films, as many of my friends know... such as most recently "Under the Skin") and is a new major inspiration to who I am as a person, and what I want to achieve in the realm of film. Thank you Bela Tarr

Kyle E (de) wrote: This is probably my favorite entry in the series. "Dream Warriors" thankfully rebounds from the ridiculous "Freddy's Revenge", and actually advances the concepts presented in the original. The most notable creative progressions are the dream sequences. The imagery involved is disturbing, and instead of just random slashing, Freddy tortures the innocent using the victim's hopes and fears. Freddy was still meant to be scary in this movie, so his warped sense of humor works nicely. This is the sequel that was most imitated in the watered down movies to follow. It's a movie from the 80's so it is corny in parts, but it is a very good horror movie. Highest possible recommendation.

Grayson D (ag) wrote: Brilliant comic horror and one of Price's greatest roles.

Steve S (ru) wrote: Christian Bale is very good in this uneven and dismally filmed urban drama. The film was directed by the man who wrote the screenplay to "Training Day". The potential is wasted with too much meladrama.

Tjahane H (kr) wrote: Stupid funny...whoopi, jada, toni, anthony anderson, and ll cool j...i couldn't breathe

Bat M (ca) wrote: BWAHAHA holy moly! did they even read the book or did they just read the inside flap and decide to do an adaptation off of that?