Six preadolescent girls face a night of terror when the compulsive addiction of an online social media game turns a moment of cyber bullying into a night of insanity.

#HORROR is a film about the lives of six young girls, Sam, Georgie, Sofia, Francesca, Cat and Eva played by our ensemble of emerging actresses. Their world is one of money, success, leisure and decadence. This is a film about the HORROR of cyberbullying. This film is an integral insight on the pressure that girls take on as they grow in a world that is increasingly dependent on the promotion and attention that social media platforms provide yet prevent bullying. as well as the roles that parents must play regarding controlling their child's use of the internet and bullying plays such a terrifying role in society. These young girls are telling this story inside a glass mansion, filled with millions of dollars of artwork, as if they were living in a contemporary art museum. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eduardo B (mx) wrote: Gary's career and relationship are going nowhere when he meets Anna. The problem here is that Anna inhabits Gary's dreams. Interesting story concerning dreams, but it doesn't fully deliver.

John H (ru) wrote: I watched this movie with my family last night. Browsing through the Amazon online movie lists, A Fine Step caught the eye of my daughter. She loves horses, and I had not seen Luke Perry lately so it sounded interesting to me as well. The story of Fandango and his owner are truly uplifting and heartwarming. Hollywood has been starved for a great horse film ever since The Dreamer came out nearly ten years ago. A Fine Step is a must see for any family who loves horses or not. My family is so glad we chose to watch this movie, and we recommend it in high regards.

Gordon L (jp) wrote: one of the worst films i have ever watched,its all over the place,tries to be funny but fails

Paul D (ru) wrote: Some interesting history but way slower than I expected.

Marco P (gb) wrote: A good comfort movie in the 'mockumentary' tradition of Chris Guest, This is Spinal Tap, and The Office. Pretty much confirmed that I'm a closet fan of romantic comedies. I'm gonna go buy a pretty little dress, a good book, and a rose, and wait for the love of my life to show up in some coffee shop.

Devon M (de) wrote: One of my favorite comedies of the last decade.

Helen V (gb) wrote: didn't get it - was this suppose to be a science fiction movie?

Brett H (kr) wrote: Leslie Nielsen portraying Mr. Magoo is the only thing good about this movie. He'd did an amazing job, but too bad the rest of the movie didn't follow suit.

Rik S (it) wrote: 5 short films. the best of the 5 is cutting moments (the last one)....

Robyn M (de) wrote: "A Predictable christmas movie without being to sappy and yualtie."Remarkably entertaining, a christmas movie without being to sappy and yualtie.Trapped in Paradise is a paradox in which we all know how the movie will turn out. Your not the least bit surprised that then ending was already set but you are blown away at how fricking funny Nicolas Cage can be... who'd have thought he was a comedian?! I recommend this movie to cheer even the biggest scroogies and grinches in your family. There's something to offer for everyone, for all ages.

Jacob B (ru) wrote: The concept of an out-of-work actor becoming a woman has been done before in 'Tootsie'. But what it does with the concept is amazing. The late Robin Williams is very funny in the role. yet his voice is so common that it's so easy to tell that it's Williams as a woman. It's not as unrecognizable as Dustin Hoffman's in 'Tootsie', or Tony Curtis' and Jack Lemmon's in 'Some Like it Hot'. 'Mrs. Doubtfire' also deals with family and divorce in a serious and surprisingly emotional way.

Michelle P (kr) wrote: Camp and creepy in a great way.

Matt D (kr) wrote: This is one of the better young men going off to war movies out there. Great performances by Penn and Cage make every minute of this one worth watching.

Andreas K (au) wrote: A classic action film that cemented the blueprint for whatever followed next. Walter Hill dictated the style while the two leads seem to be enjoying the hell out of it. One things for sure; I surely miss the Eddie Murphy of that period, please please someone get him back!

Daryl T (br) wrote: Good edge rarely seen from Redford

Anna Margarethe O (gb) wrote: If you liked Charade (Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn), you might like this. Similar mix of mystery, crime, romance and humour.

Silver Screen S (ag) wrote: A creative effort that largely succeeds, Cloverfield is a movie that, initially, had a hard time getting me to care about any of its characters, but by the end succeeded in delivering a haunting adventure.

Rodney E (mx) wrote: If I ever get the verge to watch this semi-boring flick again I will just stick with the Metallica video

Paul D (ag) wrote: A really "nice" film!

Shawn R (ag) wrote: Did not live up to the first one.