Horror House

Horror House

Best pals and struggling actresses Chloe and Jazz accept roles in a unscripted horror flick set in a creepy, abandoned house but soon realize that the deranged director's plans include shooting some bona fide murders. As their fellow cast members begin to disappear, Chloe and Jazz know they must escape from the house before cameras roll on the snuff film's final scenes.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   party,   corpse,  

Aspiring actors and actresses are lured by a twisted filmmaker to an empty house to shoot a horror movie... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Horror House torrent reviews

Christopher P (br) wrote: Not sure why this isn't fresh...the rottentomatoes community is my first stop for movie reviews, and they're usually on the money. Good flick- amusing, a bit glib, and at times surprisingly poignant.

Jason T (mx) wrote: It's a film that means well with some decent performances and a good message. But the drama is really heavy handed I feel never transformers into something truly special. Feels like it should be made for the Hallmark Channel.

Therese B (ag) wrote: This is a beautiful piece of filmmaking! Funny, warm, sad.. see it!

Roland S (kr) wrote: "Airplane!" was apparently beaten to the punch by one of Airport's own sequels!

Luis C (br) wrote: Si usted busca a una nueva actriz de pelculas de accin al estilo de Sigourney Weaver, Milla Jovovich y dems tipas rudas, pues Zoe Saldana muestra en el protagnico de este largometraje filmado en parte en Mxico que puede ser una ms de las nuevas expendables. Es una cinta que toma un evento real, el narcotrfico de Colombia, y crea a una justiciera muy al estilo de Nikita. Y cmo no? Si Luc Besson es uno de sus productores y escritores. Y, desde luego, pudo haber sido una excelente segunda parte de The Professional. Muy recomendable pues no aburre. Aunque siento que le faltaron ms tomas al estilo de Besson que del propio director Oliver Megaton, porque s se extraan.

LeeAnn F (ru) wrote: Paycheck starts off well enough. Ben Affleck, wearing douche bag sunglasses, is a reverse engineer. He is paid to duplicate and, hopefully, improve existing technology. After project completion, his memory of the project is erased from Affleck. His character is shallow, with shallow relationships and seemingly no immediate family. He is given a three-year project, which includes the standard memory-erasing clause. At the end of the project, he immediately senses that something is wrong. He has only clues to help him weave through a tangled web of chaos. In theory, it's a pretty good premise. However, after a solid beginning, the film struggles with execution. There are too many movie cliches -- the long car chase scenes, the shoot outs that go on forever and involve the token catwalk. Affleck's acting is not great either. He seems disingenuous throughout the whole film and lacks the depth to convincing convey the proper emotions toward the leading lady, Uma Thurman. Uma Thurman is a bright spot in the film, managing to turn ridiculous lines and horrible directing into the character with the most depth.

JB R (es) wrote: Starts out well and James Fox in the first half is very good. That is about all that is good with this film. I imagine it was shocking for the time (and relatively hard to see) so it has a cult following. Notable as the great Nic Roeg's first film (as co-director). You can see the beginnings of his style in the look and cutting of the film. The off-screen issues between Jagger and Richards over (the unbelievably gorgeous) Pallenberg is also the stuff of legend and the reason the Stones did not end up doing the soundtrack.