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Horror in Facebook


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Dan M (ca) wrote: Not as big a disappointment as I thought it'd be, especially since most comedy sequels(especially ones that have huge gaps in between, ie Anchorman, Dumb & Dumber) are usually pretty crap. Not as much a classic as the original, but it does a good enough job. Unfortunately Christina Hendricks does not show the goods here, damn shame.

Jesse R (us) wrote: What a great time down memory lane, especially if you never knew how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got started. This is a must watch documentary that's filled with insight and information about our heroes in a half shell.

Christine T (jp) wrote: Because of the mixed reviews, I did not have high expectations, but I thought the movie was actually pretty awesome!

Jonathan M (fr) wrote: Fans of the shows will love this.

Tiuri E (jp) wrote: Kinda predictable but sweet

Molly R (us) wrote: Cute and I loved the scenery.

Joseph H (nl) wrote: This is the Jaws of the crocodile movies! It's full of suspense and suprises. Not an origanal film by any means but is still a classic

Ashley D (kr) wrote: A great movie for the family. Brother bear is Disney's attempt to teach children that we are all Brothers, from the smallest of creatures to the biggest. How we can all learn from each other; something that Native Americans have always known. This movie is great because it takes you on a great adventure filled with love. The music is amazing. The best song was sung by the great Tina Turner. Being that it is a Disney animation you know it will be a huge production. I watched this with my niece who is eight and she loved it. She wanted to watch it again. Brother Bear has some comedic scenes which I thought were great and funny. The ceremony for Kenai, the main character, was great. This movie has some sad moments and very heroic moments as well. A great scene is when Kenai is turned into a bear. That being said Brother Bear is a tearjerker even though it is animation. The scenes with the lights and the spirits is just beautiful telling the tales of the bravest of the bravest in the Native American culture. All of the voice overs are great they make you wish that animals could actually talk which is what my niece said after watching. Brother Beat has a great message of the love and forgiveness with sacrifice. Just like all Disney animated movies Brother Bear is one movie you should have in your collection. The only downside to the movie is that if you are looking for a movie children's movie that is more educational on Native Americans then I would recommend it but for a family night in this is a great choice.

Leah F (es) wrote: An interesting twist to a love story. Somewhat theoretical, which I liked, and slightly philosophical. Cute, very cute. Good to watch with your significant other.

Chad D (kr) wrote: will smith refused to do a :30 scene with him in bed with another dude. he's not an actor

Samuel M (gb) wrote: Great movie worth watching if you have seen the first one

Aaron C (ca) wrote: More a ghost story than a poltergeist film genuinely creepy crap happens involving some good mirror techniques/set ups within the high rise setting worth a second look falls apart at the end

Darrin C (kr) wrote: Great 1980s action flick and though most of the movie dealt with Remo's training, it was still captivating.

Nathan C (jp) wrote: The film offers a great deal of insight, but no answers. Semebene shows the interconnection and dependence of Africa and Europe with almost the same power and originality as Pontecorvo.

Jeff Q (jp) wrote: I enjoyed Andrew Dominik?s portrayal of Jesses James in ?The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford? so much, I DVR?d the first Jesse James film (1939) when I stumbled upon it some time ago. I knew nothing of this film except the title and the 4-stars per the guide. This Jesse James is depicted so differently than Dominik?s version, that if not for the title, I wouldn?t know they to be the same character. To say that James is portrayed in a positive tone here, would be like calling the sun important. James is represented nothing short of a saint and the flattering characterization strips the film of any excitement, suspense, or character development (much less historical accuracy). Add that key ingredient to an already ?aw shucks? story with ?gee willikers? dialogue and this film is a complete waste of time.

Riccardo T (kr) wrote: A very good movie; Lorre is great. B+

Gimly M (ru) wrote: Should be required viewing for film students, otherwise it's probably entirely missable.

Ted W (ag) wrote: Stupid movie with Reese Witherspoon and about this girl and her boyfriend dumps her because he wants to go to Harvard law school but then the girl got into Harvard too so the boy and the girl can be together. I got bored 20 minutes into the Movie BecAuse The girl wanTed to be with her girlfriend.

Anthony M (de) wrote: You know what I've identified from the critics who don't like this movie...You all dress funny and vou est a tosser. Ever hear about the skill of suspending reality and comedy? Every critic with facial hair resembling a goatee and the rest of you with nerdy (in a weird way) haircuts just do not get the magical quality of this film. That or you're closet homosexuals who secretly love Bruce and can't admit it. I'm straight and the guy trips my trigger. Just be honest, you just didn't read about this type of movie in your "Intro to Film" class and you are utterly confused. It's OK, just don't post any more of your negativity here. You utterly suck.