Horror Planet

Horror Planet

A crew of interplanetary archaeologists is threatened when an alien creature impregnates one of their members, causing her to turn homicidal and murder them one by one.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   explosion,   rape,  

A crew of interplanetary archaeologists is threatened when an alien creature impregnates one of their members, causing her to turn homicidal and murder them one by one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler A (mx) wrote: good for sum.laughs gore and twisted ending.

Jason H (kr) wrote: Following the obsession of a small group of researchers/ enthusiasts, this film attempts to uncover the face of the infamous "Toynbee Tiler". The dir. effectively draws the audience into this intriguing mystery with emotional peaks and valleys that is sure to satiate any viewer with an interest in this subject.

Glenn C (jp) wrote: It's no secret that I have a resistance to "lost footage" films and so these types of movies really need to compensate with a trade off. 'Penance' is set in an abandoned mental hospital where a deranged religious fanatic poses as a military-like surgeon determine to cleanse strippers of their sins. The story focuses on a mother who desperately needs money for her daughter's medical bills and accepts a one-off offer to strip for $3000. Naturally she winds up in the hands of this maniac and his demented staff. I really liked the story and think it would have been even more effective if told in a traditional way. The hand-held style was distracting from what was an otherwise well made and insane premise. The performances are good, particularly Graham McTavish (The Hobbit trilogy) in the role of the religious psycho and the script is well written. Michael Rooker appears in a strange hoodlum role and Tony Todd appears in a randomly fleeting cameo as a chauffeur. I guess each of them contribute a legacy that provides an added appeal factor but they're both unnecessary... McTavish carries the film enough to make up for names like theirs. I went into Penance prepared for something mediocre but I came away surprised to have enjoyed it as much as I did. I will no doubt sit through it again sometime soon.

Camille L (gb) wrote: Attendre un film terriblement nul aurait ete logique. Finalement HALF PAST DEAD 2 est une bonne surprise, sans etre non plus un bon film, bien evidemment. Le duo KURUPT - BILL GOLDBERG est plutot bon (ce qui n'est pas le cas du reste des acteurs) et les scenes d'actions sont plutot reussies. Mais le film est tellement insignifiant et mal ecrit qu'il reste un vrai nanar. Petit plus : TONY PLANA rempile dans son role mythique d'El Fuego!

Angela P (au) wrote: Marla Gibbs is so funny in this movie!

Belinda L (de) wrote: just beeyootiful!!!!

Lauren B (es) wrote: Ok but not as good as the first it was pretty much just a repeat of the first film with lesser know actors.

Christal B (it) wrote: dangerous liaisons was better

Jay A (ru) wrote: A breathtaking documentary consisting of mostly unseen NASA footage of the Apollo lunar missions--truly capturing the beauty of space exploration and the need to expand human knowledge (and an appropriate Brian Eno score).

Tony B (nl) wrote: I just love it when the establishment tries to present their view of the hippie culture. Seriously, this was a festive abortion of a movie and I adored every second of it. Jackie Gleason on acid? Groucho and Mickey Rooney as mafia kingpins? The most psychedelic part of this film is Carol Channing; I mean, watching a Carol Channing performance is like a good hit of acid already but then to have her as the mother/hostess to the unwashed Haight Ashbury masses? DIVINE. See it if only for Carol storming Groucho's yacht in sea admiral hat and mini skirt singing the title song.

Andrew B (it) wrote: It's not big and it's not clever but it's certainly enjoyable and any fan of '50s film should have a good time with this. Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall co-star in this slow burning comedy about a trio of golddiggers, who in the end discover there's more to life than money. Simple stuff, but good fun.

Eber N (nl) wrote: It's just a customized version does not have much to do with the comic, to me it seemed more an old monster movie from Universal a superhero, has positive points: the chameleon Ron Perlman looks like Hellboy and remains a glove characterization of good and stubborn demon, his sidekick Abe Sapien is great despite not having more prominence in history and stay aside and Kroenen is a automutilada creature that is charged to people with knives, comics was just a submissive with a gas mask Nazi, but in this film are also negative points: the screenplay is loose and somewhat flawed, the plot is hollow and decadent and the character of the fool agent rookie quantico is unnecessary, it is better to make a Hellboy reboot that is true to the work of Mike Mignola without both personal touch.

s l (gb) wrote: Not a bad movie at all. the plot holds together, the monsters are good (although I wish there had been more of them). It's hardly a surprise that the "critics" would trash a movie like this (if it had been in French with subtitles they would have lauded it).

Michelle L (de) wrote: Saying this makes me feel old but it was too vulgar to be funny. I enjoy Robot Chicken and thought this would have similar type humor but I laughed only about three times.