Horror Stories

Horror Stories

The opening film of the 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival(PiFan) is HORROR STORY, the horror omnibus film of four episodes by five filmmakers including Jeong Bum Shik(EPITAPH), Kim Gok and Kim Sun(WHITE), Hong Ji Young(THE NAKED KITCHEN), Yim Dae Woong(MY TEACHER) and Min Gyu Dong(MEMENTO MORI, ANTIQUE), who finished the bridge cuts connecting all episodes. All four episodes are combined in a film-in-film structure provided by a story of a young girl who is kidnapped by a serial killer who cannot sleep until he listens to a story horrifying to death.

A teenager is abducted and forced to tell the scariest tales she knows, leading to this anthology of four stories: a brother and sister are under siege while home alone; a killer escapes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chaitanya K (jp) wrote: Not exactly a great movie but Gautham Karthik has a bright career ahead.

Jens S (kr) wrote: Extremely amusing, entertaining and quirky comedy about reporters following the story of a man searching for an aide in time travelling. That's not as much based in Sci-Fi as it sounds, but can rely on great performances and interesting characters. Unfortunately the ending comes a little sudden, while you would have loved to follow those characters around a little longer. No wonder director Trevorrow went on to much bigger films soon after this.

Hugo G (br) wrote: Very gory, bloody and realistic.

Jon T (it) wrote: Fun mockumentary, lots of laughs and holiday cheer.

Paul K (au) wrote: It's interesting in that the action takes place in a Turkey that's far from tourism. It's also interesting in that the characters are more 'real' than is usual in movies. Otherwise, it was less than engaging. The main characters are unsympathetic, and their actions are not admirable, and the plot resolution is in no way redemptive. Not a very rewarding way to pass an hour and a half.

Juuso L (nl) wrote: Not enough Debra Messing :(

Erin C (nl) wrote: Pretty creepy. Nice twist at the end.

abdurahman m (ca) wrote: my mom houze that iz great mom

Cameron H (mx) wrote: Honestly, Buried Alive may be my least favorite movie ever created. The film advertizes itself as a suspense/horror movie, but the only horror is how this movie was made. There's no real plot and after about 10 minutes, I was counting the clock down. The idea of the film is that an emotionally and socially retarded stalker gets sad when the friends of the girl he's stalking make fun of him for it. They are major assholes, but more on that later. Anyways, now he plots his ultimate revenge by burying them underground in different tombs all around the area near a construction zone. He also makes a tomb for his lover and wraps it in bubble wrap and fiberglass, but he keeps her tomb above ground and feeds her apples. Yeah, it's stupid. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the most unlikable character is trying to figure this mystery out. The characters are even worse than the story in this movie. I've already discussed Mr. Creeper, but there is also about 5 unlikable jocks, and you all want to put your foot up their @$$'. As punishment for riducling him for stalking their friend (such as tricking him into drinking a beer bottle of jock pee-pee), well, I've already discussed his over-the top-but still-terrible-revenge. The protagonist, if you can call her that, is the most unlikable, oblivious, unaware person I've ever seen. I often found myself wanting to hate-f&*# the shit out of her just so she would have to constantly go through the pain of child birth. Maybe she would have learned to be more precarious, becuase she trespasses everywhere without thinking twice. Overall, Buried Alive is the most uniteresting movie with the most unlikely characters. It only recieved a 10% becuase my computer isn't letting me give it a 0. In terms of math, it's equation goes Buried Alive+ 64 minutes you could have back to do more fun things, such as drinking gasoline or swallow porcupine quills. (Note: It's now a law to burn this movie on the spot, even if it is in a store)

Robbie D (nl) wrote: This movie needs to be watched at least three times but no more. Any viewing after three can kill you from laughter. The danger comes from the fact that the number of laughs grows exponentially with each view (If you don't know what exponentially means, stop. Don't watch it.) By the time you get to a fourth viewing, you will laugh to the power of 4. (Three stands for the trinity, and you better stop there!)

Liv S (br) wrote: Berlin Film Festival 82' Golden Bear

Alexi T (de) wrote: enjoyable Czech drama.

Nate W (ag) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck rescues King Vidor's mawkishly sentimental melodrama "Stella Dallas" with her moving performance as the title character who intentionally drives her beloved daughter away so that she (her daughter) might enjoy a more affluent life. The film pulls no punches when dealing directly with the social divide between the working class and high society types, but Vidor's silent film experience may have been the cause of several of the overdone performances. Stanwyck alone remains the real reason to see the film.

Kyle L (ag) wrote: Hellraiser Inferno is one of the better Hellraiser sequels and it is also the best in the series since the first two Hellraiser films and Hellraiser Bloodline and it is also the best out of all the Hellraiser Direct To DVD Sequels. This movie is about a detective who is investigating murders that's been happening in California until he discovers the changes that's happening in his life and he soon discovers that he's in hell with the Cenobite Pinhead and Joseph must find a way to escape before he dies. To be honest I seriously love Hellraiser Inferno and the film is much more different than its predecessors. This is also the first Hellraiser film that has no involvement over series creator Clive Barker. Instead the film only includes the original actor who played Pinhead in the early Hellraiser films and that is Doug Bradley who plays Pinhead in the Hellraiser series and this is also Scott Derrickson's first feature film before he made Sinister and The Exorcism Of Emily Rose. But I totally like this film and as a direct to DVD sequel its great and Scott Derrickson managed to create a strong film with some impressive performances and I totally enjoyed this film a lot. What's great about Hellraiser Inferno is that the film plays in two different parts. It not only plays as a Horror film but it also plays as a dark stylish Detective thriller and that's what I like about the first direct to DVD Hellraiser sequel and I was surprised with all of the ideas that Scott Derrickson managed in the film and I totally think it was a great idea overall for the film. The other things I like about this film is that the whole film is full of atmosphere and suspense and the camera work is magnificent in this film and most of the settings look great and I love the empty buildings in this film and I was surprised with everything in this film and everything in this film is impressive and fascinating overall. What I also like about Hellraiser Inferno is that the whole film is full of impressive CGI effects. The CGI in this movie is magnificent and I love all of the CGI in this movie and the way the CGI was used in this film is effective and I like most of the scenes that used CGI in this film like the psychiatrist changed into Pinhead is one of the best effects used in this film even the special effects like the chains that Pinhead use to kill his victims is good as always and I love how magnificent the effects were well used in this film and I heard also that some people say that the chains are CGI in the direct to DVD Hellraiser sequels but I didn't find any of the chains CGI at all and they look practical rather than CGI but overall I love the effects that were used in this film. Sadly though the movie itself doesn't have any gore effects and I wish there was gore in this film but there wasn't much gore used in this movie and Joseph's kill in this film wasn't gory at all but that's ok although there are some parts where the film is disturbing and its too bad the film isn't gory or brutal like the early Hellraiser films but overall the film isn't that gory but its ok at least. Now the acting is great in this film for a Direct To DVD movie and I was quite surprised with the acting in this film a lot and Doug Bradley still plays the character of Pinhead really well in all the Hellraiser movies while the rest of the casts did a good job with they're work in the film as well and the acting is great overall in this film. Director Scott Derrickson did a really good job with his work on this movie and I totally appreciate his first feature film and since I love his work on the 2012 Horror film Sinister I love his work on this movie even on The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and although his script on the Urban Legends sequel is ok he still has talent in directing movies a lot and I can't wait for what he will do next in the future. Overall this movie gets a 10/10 because the whole film has a lot of goodies for a Hellraiser Direct To DVD Sequel and this is the best in the Hellraiser Direct To DVD Sequels.

Sandy K (mx) wrote: Using a semi-satirical format that likens the world of illegal drug dealing to a video game's levels, this documentary is a riveting indictment of the "war on drugs" -- on every level!

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