Horrors of War

Horrors of War

HORRORS OF WAR derives from the "B" movie, Grindhouse tradition, made to play like a like a midnight movie. It is an independently-produced film made in a B-movie style, yet with a dramatic grounding and an eye toward bigger production values.......FILM SYNOPSIS: 'Feeling the pressure from Allied advance, Hitler unleashes his secret weapons giving rise to a type of warfare the world has never seen. Throughout the European theater of WWII, Lieutenant John Schmidt comes face to face with these "weapons." The Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S., precursor to the C.I.A.) initiates missions behind enemy lines to find the source of the weapons terrorizing U.S. soldiers fighting the Third Reich. Schmidt is joined by Captain Joe Russo and his group of war-hardened GIs who have experienced for themselves the all-too-real horrors of war in battle. Together, they must find and destroy Hitler's horde of nightmare weapons before his horrific vision can be fully realized

HORRORS OF WAR derives from the "B" movie, Grindhouse tradition, made to play like a like a midnight movie. It is an independently-produced film made in a B-movie style, yet with a dramatic... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam M (us) wrote: go out and press stop...

Joanna B (de) wrote: A poignant optimistic tale of unusual tenderness, based on the life and journalism of the late poet Mark O'Brien and his autobiographical 1990 article 'On Seeing a Sex Surrogate', writer /director Ben Lewin's The Sessions is eloquently balanced between profoundly moving and ruefully funny. Sex, religion, poetry and the disabled may be the guiding themes, but it is emotional vulnerability that makes it unforgettable. Tackling a subject that calls for tact and discretion, we explore the taboos of sex and the guilt associated in a man singularly unique situation through compelling characters and wonderful acting to become genuinely engaged and touched by humanity. Paralyzed and confined to an iron lung after contracting polio as a child, 38 year old Mark O'Brien (John Hawkes) is not a victim to his condition. Graduating school and gaining independent employment as a writer and poet, Mark and his wonderfully active mind have achieved so much including a wonderfully wicked sense of humor of which he uses to shock his ever present carers and the patient Father Brendan (William H. Macy) .When asked to write an article about the subject sex and the disabled, Marks interest turns from discussions with similarly inflicted people to his own sexual experience and lack thereof. Desperately horny and embarrassed by his body's reactions to physical contact, Mark concludes he needs to lose his virginity before he dies. After talking it over morally with the good father and getting a contact from his therapist, Mark contacts professional sexual surrogate, Cheryl Cohen-Greene (Helen Hunt) who address not only his key issue of physical intimacy but his underlying issues of self-worth. There are clear rules of their engagement; to aid in Mark's body awareness and achieve intercourse within a maximum of 6 sessions at which time they must say goodbye, however it is Marks request for Cheryl to gain gratification during their 4th session that gives the arrangement a tender emotional element. What transpires behind the closed doors will not only change Mark, but those around him in equal measure. Inhabiting every aspect of O'Brien's character, physicality and emotional state, Hawkes portrayal is virtuoso. Hunt is supremely comfortable in her own skin and in its exposure, brave, honest and graceful; the 49-year-old is nothing short of a revelation. Their therapeutic sessions are invigoratingly candid and explicit without every approaching exploitative territory. Macy is skillfully measured for relief whilst having the deportment to absolve his subjects carnal urges, and O'Brien's three other significant female influences, Annika Marks as volunteer Amanda (the spark of his carnal awakening), Moon Bloodgood as his carer Vera (who supports his endevour), and Robin Weigert as his last love Susan (the one who embraces his sexuality) are wonderful. Simply astonishing and unreserved performances all round. The verdict: Some scenes were overly long while some elements needed more fleshing out, the bittersweet melancholy emanating from its complex ingredients makes this a poetically profound story of the yearning for human connection. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 09/11/2012

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Not bad.. Good for a laugh

Yash B (kr) wrote: This is a predictable and over the top movie but I have to say, it is full of laughs. I was entertained by it and fail to see why so many people hate it. It's an entertaining road trip movie that ends up exactly where you would expect, but that doesn't mean it isn't a fun ride.

Ben W (es) wrote: Rubbish. Seriously, there is nothing good here.

Nathaniel B (us) wrote: I was more pleased with the first then the second. One of the few times I've seen this kind of gore in a film. I found it to be at least a little realistic. Good enough for me to watch the 2nd part.

Karien v (it) wrote: stunning film: arty, sexy, clever, feminine.. yay to sally potter!

Eduardo C (de) wrote: Looks absolutely badass.

Ce G (gb) wrote: Short story about a bolivian immigrant in Argentina. Flows naturally, presenting the never ending story. Like US for mexicans, Argentina is for bolivians. And of course, the repetitive story of hating the immigrants, that "take" your job. The black and white gives it a plus.

Jackson A (es) wrote: A very clever and suspenseful film that shows the great acting of both Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. A great example of a film that takes you by surprise.

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Kevin S (it) wrote: A father who is a celebrity and a Late night movie host is a widowed father of two children after his wife was killed in a car wreck. He is a loving father who is somewhat a child himself. They have to live around some crazy neighbors including one who is a nazi and wants John (Devito) to vote fur a white supremist. John goes on his show and cuts him down and the guy ends up kidnapping johns youngest son. I thought Danny devito was good. The movie in general was good but not that great that I would want to watch it again. I thought it was kind of bland and just the way the movie was is kinda weird. Good for one watch but for a revisit I don't think so.

Hctor F (kr) wrote: based on the book by g.g. marquez-" erendira inocente". good film adaptation.

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