Horses' Collars

Horses' Collars

The stooges are private detectives in the old west trying to help a girl recover an IOU from a bad guy. Their attempts to steal the IOU from the villains wallet and then from a safe meet with problems until Curly, who goes berserk whenever he sees a mouse, knocks out all the bad guys.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:17 minutes
  • Release:1935
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mouse,   slapstick,   saloon,  

The stooges are private detectives in the old west trying to help a girl recover an IOU from a bad guy. Their attempts to steal the IOU from the villains wallet and then from a safe meet ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joetaeb D (au) wrote: Well, I guess it's better than other Stephen King TV/DVD movies.

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Andrew S (jp) wrote: A decent film but a laughable adaptation of Christie's famous novel that has not aged well at all. The music was over the top and didn't match the heavy atmosphere at all and Finney's Poirot is just awful. The supporting characters and the intrigue and screenplay are all that really make this film worthwhile watching. First time viewing rating: 6.7/10

Jasper M (us) wrote: I liked it a lot. Especially the way Diabolik had no respect whatsoever for human life

Kent D (us) wrote: I usually like all of these actors but none of them had anything worthwhile to work with, and all played such over-privileged self important twats that the whole thing was just a struggle. Jason Bateman's character was just an a-hole man-child with no redeeming features, Olivia Wilde's character was insipid and wore awful fake eyelashes the whole time, and Billy Crudup's character was so underwritten he barely existed. The director clearly wishes he was either Woody Allen (constant self-important verbosity) or Wes Anderson (quirky formalistic shot composition)... or both. One might think it was light-hearted homage were it not taking itself so seriously. I remember the narrator describing Olivia Wilde's first reaction to Jason Bateman's character saying something like "his pseudo-intellectualism was wearing thin", which pretty much describes my reaction to the whole film.

Charlie M (nl) wrote: Mixing in footage of popular crazes and stock footage from the roaring 20's Woody masterfully creates a very unique film that I've seen nothing like since Forrest Gump, if it were exclusively the newsreels. Certainly mockumentaries are common, but a whole movie with vintage film and minimal narrative is a fascinating project. He still finds time for unrequited love, mockery of the public, over-reaching intellectuals, and non-sequiturs so you never forget you're watching a Woody Allen movie.He attempts to make a strong point about the court of public opinion and the power of the press, which feels slightly forced, but what works is everyone's fear of not 'fitting in.' Most interesting when Zelig is alone he is completely devoid of personality because he has no one to work blend in with. An interesting, short movie that's most notable for it's ability to impose Allen's image on old footage in the pre-computer filmmaking era.