Hosa Belaku

Hosa Belaku


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1982
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Hosa Belaku torrent reviews

Jason K (jp) wrote: Somebody wanted to make a mafia ish crooked cop movie without a thought out script so they just called in actor favors in hopes to underwrite the fact that people might notice.

Adam R (fr) wrote: Not a bad effort, but I found it boring. For a film with little dialogue it was way too long. The soundtrack was random and did not sync well with the film. I hate to say it, but I also found the title character to be annoying. (First and only viewing - 6/18/2014)

Pia K (fr) wrote: Tositapahtumiin perustuva draama perheenisst, joka alkaa etsi parantavaa lkett kahdelle harvinaista sairautta sairastavalle lapselleen. (Suom. Extraordinay Measures - Elm veitsenterll)

Shane K (fr) wrote: Original and entertaining horror movie

Dylan V (de) wrote: OH god... Just look at my review.

Steven K (de) wrote: They shouldn't have added the gay scenes. I actually felt nauseous during the part where the guy had his trousers unzipped and it looked like he was getting his meat beaten by another guy. I got nothing against homosexuals, it's just that I don't enjoy watching male-on-male homosexuality. If it weren't for the gay scenes, I probably would have given this a higher rating.

Brooks G (br) wrote: I honestly have no idea how this was bad oh wait, it's a Disney movie sequel the plot was beyond boring and every character's story was lame.

gio r (es) wrote: Classic, underrated and under-appreciated action/adventure movie. One of the best, if not the best escape from a building movie of time.

Sarah F (ca) wrote: i would like to see this

Jeff B (br) wrote: Alot of dislikes here. I think it's the Trump pre-hate factor working. In recent years, people have been so put off by Cage's selling out they can't even see a decent or good movie if it smacked them right between the eyes. Any movie that has a CIA agent ream his superiors by yelling: "You have your heads so far up Obama's ass all you can see is shit," well, I'm in.And the people complaining about plot, I don't get it. Maybe IQs have dropped so much these days due to dummied down courses and inflated grades, people can't think any more. Believe me, the plot is not that hard to follow or poorly crafted. I always gage pathetic plot, dialogue, existence by movies like Cop Out. Not THAT is stellar trash. This movie is no stroke of genius, but it certainly resides outside the trash can. No ground breaking or award winning film, but entertaining enough to keep one engaged. And Cage is all in as far as his performance is concerned. I'm not so sure about Yelchin, a bit miscast, like Toby Maguire as Spider Man. He's supposed to be a tough guy agent. Well, I wasn't buying it. Cage is the centre of the universe here. The other actors satellites. But it would have been better if his side kick had a little more omph. Overall, not a bad film at all. Certainly not as bad as many put it off to be.

Darrin C (nl) wrote: I thought it was fun and original. Warwick Davis as The Leprechaun really is a scary little fellow and shares some brutal death scenes all the while making funny cracks about his victims' demises.

Kudo A (kr) wrote: Confusing movie with great performance..

DeJon D (br) wrote: Rio isn't an amazing animated film, but it's good enough to be good enough to watch having a good plot, memorable characters, and great animation.