After a crazy night partying at his parents' secluded winter home in Vermont, Teddy wakes up and unexpectedly meets Paul and Craig, two strangers who seem nice at first, but really possess a sinister hidden agenda. Despite Teddy's demands and violent threats, the two aggressive visitors refuse to leave, determined to complete their mysterious mission.

Teddy wakes up the day after a raucous party thrown in his parent's isolated ski house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dale N (ru) wrote: It is what it is.....

Bradley J (jp) wrote: A very sophisticated film. Acting is truly superb, with an utmost realism that we can come to expect from a Tim Hill film. Overall, the storytelling is engaging and kept us into it for the entire 86 minute runtime. Definitely goes down as one of my favorite films of all time, right next to Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.

Gregg B (ca) wrote: Really interesting presentation of the right wing attempt to bring Clinton down.

Ryan J (it) wrote: Well this was certainly a very enjoyable film. Very well done. It leaves you thinking at the end. I'll be wondering for a long time now was "Harry" a real person or a figment of Michel's imagination. There's a lot of commotion about this on the film's IMDB boards, and I'm intrigued myself. Several plausable incidents lead to the contrary though. For instance how did "harry" talk to other people? But still, despite that one question, it still seems possible that Harry was Michel's alter ego which allowed him to become the man he always wanted to be.The film is very well done. Excellent directing and acting. Superb.

Cameron P (it) wrote: miss lizzy is in this film, and she gets with a cute well-spoken but emotionally stunted fag. so it's basically the same as pride & prejudice, only less gay.

Jake S (de) wrote: not too terrible but kinda a pointless Tad bit boring movie no real plot just a secret service Guy frustrated with watching the first lady who has a lil bit to much fun driving her body guards up the wall with pointless idiotic stunts oops I spoiled the movie

Charles P (gb) wrote: The stellar cast is used merely as a framework for the makeup and prosthetic effects in a foul pitch black comedy about our obsession with beauty.

Lisa S (nl) wrote: This is obviously the same story as a few other movies, and similar to even more movies, like Ghost and Mrs. Muir. It's mostly predictable and not all that exciting. At least it was funny. If this had even more comedy and was less predictable, it would have been better.

Mayukh B (jp) wrote: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Matt G (ru) wrote: Simple humanity is really complex stuff. Ordet is a patient yet potent look at faith and family that is skeptical and affirming all at once. Johannes, the mentally disturbed yet oddly prophetic brother who thinks he's the reincarnation of Christ, is one of the most phenomenal characters ever; funny yet piercingly perceptive of hypocritical Christianity. And the ending is a supremely difficult punch to the gut that had me perplexed for days.

Scott C (br) wrote: Super forgettable. I'm not the biggest Hepburn fan.

Nicholas W (br) wrote: one of my favorite movies