Hot Dogs: Wau - wir sind reich!

Hot Dogs: Wau - wir sind reich!

The story starts with Chuffie, a dog who is dumped on the side of the road. He meets up with JD, another street dog. While they rest under a bridge, they find a talking parrot named Emmo ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:German,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:greed,   dog,   mansion,  

The story starts with Chuffie, a dog who is dumped on the side of the road. He meets up with JD, another street dog. While they rest under a bridge, they find a talking parrot named Emmo ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nilufer R (mx) wrote: I'd have to admit I watched it with all my attention for anything interesting or something because this was a highly recommended movie from a trusted fellow. I'm disappointed for Natalie Portman, she should've protected her reputation.

Sarah C (it) wrote: Starts off like the movie 'Stuck' but not a good. Its a fun ride but bad acting and the ending sucked.

C R (us) wrote: The plot had nothing to do with the story of the actual Black Dhalia. The hype around this movie was the most fraudulent I have ever seen. This movie bounced around in so many directions it was difficult to understand why a dime was spent making it and why any of the cast agreed to sign on. The close-ups of Johansson were ridiculous and distracting. What did this cast think? That they could turn this movie into a classic? Impossible. The script was complete and utter crap.

Stacy S (us) wrote: This is why stories about every day people with every day lives don't work. The actresses were good, I could relate with their characters but this really isn't the type of story you go to the movies to see.

Se7enth A (us) wrote: "When you leave, you still feel her on your skin" Sam Worthington's character Joe confessed. That's how I felt after watching Somersault. This film would be nothing more than your average flick has it not been for the mesmerizing, heartfelt performance by the principal leads especially Cornish. She successfully and beautifully captured young Heidi's vulnerability and sexuality with a performance of tremendous beauty and power. She is drawn to the intimacies of sex mostly to avoid being alone. Abbie Cornish makes us feel Heidi's fragility every step of the way, going through a confusing time in life, in which adolescence and adulthood collide. Not quite a teenager, not quite a woman yet. The director Shortland chronicles Heidi's opportunistic and self-destructive choices without sentimentality. A winner of no less than 13 Australian Film Awards, impressive debut feature for writer-director Cate Shortland.

Brendan N (it) wrote: great cast and atmosphere create a thriller unliike many before it. the overall mystery is a bit of a let down but up and till the then this film has you glued to the screen.

Carlton R (ca) wrote: This movie was a box office smash for madonna, yes its a crazy story, but i dont think people get the fact that madonna chooses to do these thing because she wants to, i love this film, i saw it in the cinema and loved it,

Allan C (us) wrote: Fairly standard cavalry story that's really only of note for the presence of stern-voiced Sterling Hayden in the lead. Coleen Gray co-stars, who would go onto co-star again with Hayden in Stanley Kubrick's seminal heist film, "The Killing." The film was also of interest to me because it's never been released on video, so it's always fun to catch these rarities on TCM.

Galvy F (es) wrote: Where do we find inspiration? From a bunch of kids whom are yearning from some laughter, fun, imagination, excitement and thrill. An escape from their reality from what they have to live with. From people whom are in deep need for some liveliness in their dismal life. Time is ticking for all of us, time chases us like the crocodile. From a time of uncertainty of what ales us to where we go after death, is it a much more happier life, free of sickness, sadness? What does it really look like? A world like Neverland that captures us when we are free from getting sick, and we remain young, happy, healthy and free. If we only believe in such a world, when pretending is so frowned upon and we have remain real in our unfulfilled life of uncertainty.

John M (ag) wrote: The 90s were full of bank robbing movies, perhaps trying to rip off some of the more successful ones such as "Reservoir Dogs" and "Heat." And this one is about as shallow as they come. Not only is the film entirely unrealistic but all the lines are recycled garbage and the story is straight cookie cutter screenwriting from the 80s. What could have been a strong female-driven film feels like what's on in the background on TBS on a Saturday afternoon.

Bruce R (ca) wrote: This is a beast of a Shakespeare adaptation. Surreal in places, but always imaginative and engaging - at times, quite shocking. Hopkins on top form.