Hot Ice

Hot Ice

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Winford and his wife Charlotte are criminals, who end up at a remote ski resort, where a rock star named "Diamond Jim" is performing. Winford and Charlotte steal his diamonds, which were kept in a safe behind the hotel's main desk. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John K (de) wrote: Supposed to be a critique of the "curse of creative types," although realistically, this is just a film about watching narcissists be narcissists. While that can be grating for some folks, my biggest issue is it makes the capital sin of being boring. A drama with no dramatic heft and a comedy with little laughs, this is tough to sit through.

Brad S (us) wrote: Really didn't like this one at all, I found it to be poorly writtern and directed. The story is frustrating, and the actors have all been better. The only thing that made it worthwhile, and the reason I stuck with it despite wanting to turn it off, was Jessica Chastain. She does the most she can with the material given. Worth a watch for Chastain fans, but skip it otherwise.

Nolan M (us) wrote: Funny at some moments, but some parts that could have been funny are replaced with usual Zecker style humor.

Stephen G (jp) wrote: Off the wall. It feels like it shouldn't work, but you can't help but laugh. An overall good movie for some good entertainment.

Marion R (ag) wrote: The only reason I watched this was becuase of Christian Bale and he was hot as Jesus, so I enjoyied it.

Rahima D (kr) wrote: Average movie with good songs. The pair SRK-Madhuri works well.

Jon H (jp) wrote: At this point, the face of death was clearly staring at Bronson's career. Little wonder this was his final theatrical feature.

Eric B (jp) wrote: This could have been a great film. But direction was poor, and there were scenes where Jones 70's, disco-tainted and hokie score on top of acting that was distractingly over-the-top, and it almost felt like Smokey & the Bandit sans any humor. There are any number of great directors that could have taken this great story, improved on the script, better-sculpted his or her actors' performance to help this film live up to it's potential. This director didn't.

Rachel S (mx) wrote: guess it was better in the 70's

Irvin C (de) wrote: A single middle-aged woman goes on vacation to Venice and finds romance. If this wasn't directed by David Lean and starred Katharine Hepburn, I probably would've passed. The film itself though, I felt, was really just overall okay. Nothing really remarkable about it. Not a bad film by any means. The cinematography is pretty fantastic (with Venice as your backdrop, it SHOULD be, I mean, it made me wanna go there even more) and Hepburn is great as always. But I've seen films of a similar vein done better before and since.

Luke H (ru) wrote: This movie started out slow, but it was pretty interesting. I thought the sarge would get a lot more crap, but it was a good movie. I would recommend it to people who like old B & Ws that are war movies.

Rodel F (kr) wrote: Two words...Strawberry Nine!

Dax S (fr) wrote: First James Bond movie I saw and definitely not the last.

Mayank A (nl) wrote: Really funny the way they make the subject of alien abduction full of humor. Simple, Cleaver & Hilarious

Timothy M (au) wrote: One of the better swansongs for any filmmaker of longevity. Although the film is brief, Huston plays his cards close to the chest until the final 10 minutes or so, where all is made abundantly clear (not that it's a mystery as to what it's all about - it can be figured out rather quickly too, but Huston's playing a more subtle game, even by his standards). Terrific performances all 'round, but both Donals McCann and Donnelly are exceptional.