Hot Love

Hot Love

A guy loves a girl and he sees her one day with another guy, he freaks out, commits suicide, then she has a baby.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:40 minutes
  • Release:1985
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  • Reference:Imdb
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A guy loves a girl and he sees her one day with another guy, he freaks out, commits suicide, then she has a baby. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul G (es) wrote: It has some good moments and some good acting but that's basically it everything else is kinda bad

Brian C (de) wrote: An ok drama about an estranged family coming together after the death of their mother. The sisters and brothers learn somethings about themselves, and their mother that they never knew, and through the funeral procession, come together. Then the twist ending...oooh the mother faked it, and she was alive all along. They get mad, they forgive...boom its crap and its over.

David D (mx) wrote: With an okay idea, a slow story, an alright script and fine dialogue written by Brandon Camp and Mike Thompson, great performances by Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston and also includes Dan Fogler and Judy Greer, okay directing by Brandon Camp and a boring pace and flow, Love Happens is a romantic drama that tries to be a good film but wastes it's potential by being too slow.

Karen W (nl) wrote: its a reall tear jerker but a wonderful movie

Maxwell S (mx) wrote: The story of a beautiful Donkey, and shows how we all are like Balthazar, but society has formed us. It tells the story of the people around Balthazar, and how much society has expanded it's bounds of what a human being really is. Balthazar represents ourselves stripped down to bare beauty, considering a donkey cannot be adapted into our society, it is a beyond brilliant way to translate his worlds into film. A most spiritual, intelligent, meaningful and beyond beautiful film from one of the greatest auteurs. A perfect film. Bresson's genius has erupted. One of the 10 greatest films ever made.

Josh M (us) wrote: Evil Ed is too low budget to get its point across the way it wants to. The vision is sound, but the execution needs work.

Cody M (mx) wrote: As a filmmaker myself, it's wonderful therapy.

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: Varney is great, this movie is not.

Dan F (kr) wrote: More trash exploitation, this time on a slightly higher budget with some slightly more adventurous visuals and some, er, unique prosthetic work (a precursor to Clive Barker's Nightbreed I think). A few grislier moments too, and a sex scene so unpleasant you wouldn't want to be caught watching it alone. Some stuff you just can't explain.

Mloy X (de) wrote: "They have to stay or else we haven't learned a thing..." --- Abraham Bernstein (played by Leonardo Cimino).I got a chance to revisit this series I loved so much when I was in my teens. Yes, by today's standards the effects are tired and dated, the acting was pretty campy and a lot of the characters stereotypical and the outcome idealistic. With that said, I still liked it because underlying message is still relevant and as ever lasting as any big-budget epic mainstream film. I do love Jane Balder, Marc Singers and Robert Englund still. I still cringed when Diana was swallowing the hamster *spoiler*.....hahahaha and actually teared up when Abraham made that speech to his son about haboring the Maxwell family made more poignant by the fact that seeing it now, I actually understood (more) the significance of Abraham's sentiments. Overall, I much prefer this series ten times over to the 2009 reboot.

Jacob S (us) wrote: Caligula is by no means a perfect film. The post production editing is a bit obvious and the sex can be a bit overly gratuitous for some people, but underneath the savagery and pornographic scenes there is a great story here of power driven madness and insatiable decadence in a dark era of Roman history with arguably one of the cruelest and most sadistic rulers. The performances are all around incredible and the sets are absolutely spectacular, I consider Caligula to be a misunderstood epic with a lot of nudity, sex (both simulated and unsimulated) and violence.

Bob W (ru) wrote: Don't get me wrong, I like the detail of Gerry Anderson special effects using models. But his script is very poor, and seems like a couple episodes of the original Twilight Zone--without improving upon it. It also reminds me of the 70's British sci fi tv cult classic called UFO.

Joe R (es) wrote: I'm not gonna lie, I (kind of) liked it.

Another V (es) wrote: For the most part I liked it, but, for me, the violence was a little over the top here and there. Almost too much shooting and explosions for my personal taste. Lot of bangs.The coming together of some great classic action heroes was fun to see. The meeting in a church of 3 big action heroes with long successful careers is a classic moment. The bad guys are despicably bad. A girl needs saving. A bunch of classic heroes get their fair share of badass action fighting scenes. Bad guys pay their dues.One thing I didn't like, and this is just me, was too much blanket firing and big explosions, where I didn't feel sure that people who deserved to live weren't going down in some of that fire.Some of those soldiers may have had no choice but to work for an evil dictator. Just a thought.