Hot Rod

Hot Rod

For Rod Kimball, performing stunts is a way of life, even though he is rather accident-prone. Poor Rod cannot even get any respect from his stepfather, Frank, who beats him up in weekly sparring matches. When Frank falls ill, Rod devises his most outrageous stunt yet to raise money for Frank's operation -- and then Rod will kick Frank's butt.

Bring to viewers interest, Hot Rod opens with a self-proclaimed stuntman Rod Kimble, who is preparing for the jump of his life in order to clear fifteen buses to raise money for his abusive stepfather Frank's life-saving heart operation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Connie L (mx) wrote: The new mother mentality.

Joshua L (ca) wrote: interesting concept, and when I watched da first half high I was completely in2 it but after watching the second half of da movie sober, i lost interest and was kinda disappointed. I appreciate the effort dat went in2 filming this but the movie overall jus kinda sucked.

Heidi S (it) wrote: One of the best footy comedies all around good laugh. Football and Brit-com...what more do you need?! Ricky Tomlinson is great in this...

Charles P (ca) wrote: Scary Movie 2 is a careless, hurried anti-comedy that doesn't so much deliver gags as much as try to make the audience gag.

Paul D (fr) wrote: The direction is certainly old school adventure style, of which it is much more of than an intimate telling of the maiden voyage to the new world, it's rather bland because of it.

Bobby D (ru) wrote: This is one of those films where the audience fore knowledge of culture, history and judo is required to enjoy the film. Still, there is enough info for non-Japanese to enjoy the period film 1880's Japan, and there are some surprising parallels to the much later Stallone Rocky films. One of the biggest strengths of these early Kurosawa films is his remarkable casting. He relies heavily on good actors to carry the limitations (budget/ resources) of a film made during WW2.

Cedric L (ca) wrote: Emotionally drowning but ultimately uplifting with fantastic performances.

aaron a (ru) wrote: "I don't believe this. What's next? Somebody going to tell me how to take a crap?" Synopsis: Jack Elliott's baseball glory days are over, or so it seems. No longer the athlete he once was, he's traded to a pro team in Japan, where he promptly angers everyone around him with his arrogance and ignorance. Jack is an arrogant, annoying, childish, and an ass of a man. Such a character is fine, but do not try to make me like the man by having him stress the value of fun after he makes it clear he is a 11 year old stuck in a 38 year old man's body. And don't you dare say all this selfish, childish, belligerent, and completely asinine behavior is what makes a incredibly beautiful woman attracted to him. I mean, after mistakingly assuming Hiroko wants to engage in a sexual relationship, Jack decides to shout at her and insult her country on their very first date, yet, she falls in love with him anyway, i guess japanese women have a thing for taking care of 40-year old babies. Oh yea, Tom Selleck turns in a razzie-worthy performance as well. The rest of the writing while entertaining, is just a bunch of clich's. The team plays poorly at first, but once our hero's attitude, SURPRISE, does a 360 degree u-turn; the japanese team turns into the New York Yankees, all the problems in Jack's love life is settled, and by the end all the characters live happily ever after. It's a shame that the film suffers from such fundamental flaws, as it does have some quality to it. The actual directing is rather solid and the picture is well filmed, as the action on the diamond (apart from the sound design) has a rather authentic look and feel to it. Despite a good time and solid directing, Mr. Baseball's screenplay is cliche'd and manipulative.

Irene M (mx) wrote: well, I knew it hadn't gotten a high metacritic rating but I gave Clive Owen a chance. My biggest criticism of it is that the chemistry was lacking between the two leads, so their romance wasn't believable. the last scene was *painful* to watch, because of that

Nico C (us) wrote: Best movie I've ever seen!

Mike W (us) wrote: Another great John Wayne western. The line "I thought you were dead" got a little over used, it worked for the most part. Great character interactive, great storyline, back ground music inhantsed the scenes.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: And you thought the creature from the black lagoon was a perv--Gill-men kill men... and rape women!!