Hot Shots

Hot Shots

Sach and the gang (Bowery Boys) baby-sit a bratty TV star (Philip Phillips).

A precocious young TV star steals Sach's and Duke's car, and they run up against some network executives when they go to find out what happened. The executives believe that the boys know ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben L (it) wrote: I had every expectation that I was going to hate ParaNorman. First of all, I hate horror and zombies, so how could I possibly enjoy a movie that is almost entirely centered around those themes? Secondly, while I appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into stop-motion animation, I just don't like the look of it most of the time. So I started watching, and somehow this film leaped over those hurdles and genuinely charmed me. It totally took me by surprise that within this tale of horror lies a nice little film about the effects of bullying and how one can overcome the damage from being a victim. The characters were all unexpected and enjoyable. I particularly loved Norman's new-found friend Neil, and Neil's brother Mitch. Those two characters provided most of the big laughs for me. ParaNorman had more than a few funny moments, and continuously subverted my expectations. There's a surprise right at the beginning, and the film continued to give me little surprises throughout. There was even one particular moment (which I'd rather not spoil) where I was feeling a particular way about a scene and suddenly there is a shift and I realized that maybe I was rooting for the wrong thing all along. It's this kind of subversive plot that always pleases me, because so often screenwriters will utilize the same old tropes without breaking any new ground. ParaNorman is better than it has any right to be, and it's a movie that I will gladly recommend (although be warned that it's probably for older kids, because these dark themes might be a little scary for your little ones.)

Jeanie S (ru) wrote: Are you freaking kidding me! That was the stupidest thing I've seen since Cabin in the Woods! Don't waste your time or money!

Leonardo Malacay S (kr) wrote: Ms de navidad esta vez Nick el hijo de Santa pierde la memoria y su esposa y amigos tiene que hacer todo para que la recobre y obvio lo logran y salvan la navidad con una sorpresa al final de la pelcula

(gb) wrote: O Guzman exei ena themataki me th thriskeia?Giati oi lekseis "two Catholic girls" kai "thngs go horribly wrong" stin perilipsi den se proideazoun gi'ayto pou tha deis...Thn eidan oloi Taragdyno....

Daniel K (de) wrote: Entertaining,disturbing and interesting about women changing ways of life in Cameroon!

Deadly V (it) wrote: A loser falls for a traumatized/mentally ill girl, duh!

Zdravko P (ag) wrote: Another movie an old pal & I went to see. We would always say lines from this movie to eachother.

Gus W (kr) wrote: It's bad...but it's so good. Better than Jason X I'll give it that.

Ricardo H (de) wrote: Forget about the sons, this movie is all amount the mothers. Ann-Margret and Julie Andrews do an amazing job. I had seen this movie years ago, but I had forgotten how powerful it was. Definitely recommend it!

Robert L (kr) wrote: tarantulas are best spiders!!!

Raine L (gb) wrote: thought I already owned this but couldn't find it in the library... oh well. Not sure if this one or Kiss the Girls is first in the series.

Francesca Y (ca) wrote: good throw back action movie

Jamie B (de) wrote: If I had seen this in theaters, I may have been tempted to walk out. The soundtrack was the only saving grace.

Brandon W (jp) wrote: I recently re-watched this film with a big group of people. For the jokes, none of the girls laughed and all of the guys did. So, that tells me something... Women know nothing about Comedy. I'm kidding of course. But what it did tell me is that this film is not for everybody. This is a very dumb yet smart comedy. Only Dana Carvey can make me laugh at him react the shower murder scene from 'Psycho' with donuts at an old fashion diner. A love letter to the early 90's. Some may look at this film and think, what a dumb mess, but then why is it so famous? ... Because it is genius! Quotable and funny every time I see it, Wayne's World is... "Excellent!"