Hot Shots! Part Deux

Hot Shots! Part Deux

Topper Harley is found to be working as an odd-job-man in a monastery. The CIA want him to lead a rescue mission into Iraq, to rescue the last rescue team, who went in to rescue the last rescue team who... who went in to rescue hostages left behind after Desert Storm.

The film starring Charlie Sheen, Lloyd Bridges, Valeria Golino is directed by Jim Abrahams.Topper Harley is a renegade pilot has a chance to come back and gets a new mission in the Middle East. He passes many hard trials to rescue U.S. hostages . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hot Shots! Part Deux torrent reviews

Russ B (kr) wrote: 8/1/2013: Meh. Basically a Syfy made for TV movie.

ma h (ca) wrote: when beckham,,met owen.......

Bill N (ca) wrote: not too bad! has many funny moments! bridget fonda is great alongside broderick!

Nikki L (fr) wrote: love the ending most. Each woman got the answer they would be satisfied with the truth buried with Vincent's death. In life, how many times we are wandering at the intersections, how many times we want to go sideways, and how many times we actually regret choosing the wrong one to spend life with? Between wife and mistress, between mudane and spontaneous, between responsibility and humanity, we got too many things on the plate. And we have to choose carefully to make the presentation right. Most importantly, we have to revert back to ourselves - what make us happy to continue the day..

Ivan M (ru) wrote: This and Divorzio all'Italiana are 2 of my favourite comedies!

Monique M (de) wrote: Not bad, liked the action.

Kevin N (ca) wrote: Very funny, great ending